It went well!

Not a lot of time to talk about it because I am feeling so poorly and need to lay down before this evening's service...but this morning went awesome! Thank you for your prayers. I did it without taking any cold medication because I knew I'd be too out of it to speak if on cold meds. Before getting up to speak I was sneezing and everything else but the Lord held all that back while I spoke and enabled me to not only get through the message but to deliver it well. I spoke on "Women of the End Times." It's amazing how literally every single message of this conference has woven together. My text was the same as Marsha's last night and tonight Sandy's text is the same one Tomeika also used! It is flowing together so amazingly.

Well folks, all I have to say is...Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?


DaNella Auten said…
How is your back doing?