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Brilliant uses for this video clip

I watched this and just can't resist the urge to comment. I know you are not surprised. There are a few uses I'd like to suggest for this video clip:

1) When your teen needs to be disciplined for their attitude, give them a grounding they will never forget. Send them to their room and turn this on. It is borderline torture and will scare them to pieces in realizing what kind of human being they could turn out to be like. Screams of, "Mom, shut it off, pleeeeease!" will emanate from their room. Be careful, subjecting them to this video might be a little too close to child abuse so give them a small dose and let them go back to a sane atmosphere.

2) Pastors - play this in your church as an example during your marriage and family series of "what women should run from as fast as they can when they are looking for a husband."

3) Professors at Bible Colleges - play this video for your students as an example, "how not to preach."

4) Bored kids around your house in the summer time? Tell the kids you have a new game for them to play. The goal is to count the number of times the guy says, "AMEN." Those who count it correctly, especially the girls, get a FREE ENTRY to fine arts to enter the short sermon category.

5) Christian counselors can use this video as an illustration for teaching on anger management...not to mention all kinds of personality disorders.

What uses can you think of for this video clip? There are so many more I can think of but I'll stop there.


DaNella Auten said…
OMG... and I never use that meaning God, but this time I do... Sometimes I wish God would allow me to award signs...

Here's your sign. "Stupid"

However... God often tells me to be good.

Oh and saying amen every 10 seconds and getting red in the face is not nessarily the anointing... under "anointing" He yelled "Where is my marker Praise the Lord, I had it in my bible... amen"

Thanks for the laugh, my kids watched it with me and my 7 year old GIRL said. "I can preach if God tells me to..." I said... "You sure can!"
I think my favorite part was when he called us fornicators, adulterers, whoremongers, Jezebels,etc.


Wow, my husband had NO IDEA he was married to a fornicating, adulterating, whoremongering Jezebel! Somebody better warn him. Oh yeah..."Brother Wally" just did. :)
Tara Sloan said…
D... I think you ought to invite Brother Wally to the next Unstoppable Conference... he'd either get delivered or run... either way, we'd either be celebrating deliverance or have a laugh like we never have!

Lord have mercy... seriously... and DOES he know ANY other scripture? Oh yeah, he DID say he didn't have time to read ALL the scriptures!

Too funny! Craig did not believe this guy was serious. I had to convince him that this guy is a serious as serious can be!

I say we all do a follow up YouTube video on this! LOL!
Anonymous said…
My favorite was, "Women in the pulpit is an doesn't say that in the Bible, but it IS!"

Okay, that we have that settled...ROFL!!!!!
Kathi said…
ROFL.. what's the squeak - squeak - squeak in the background? Anyone else hear it?

Rats gathering at his feet?
Michelle said…
I couldn't watch it all. I was getting so stressed out I just couldn't do it. I kept trying to see if he had a wedding ring, and it looked like he did, but if he is married, I feel sorry for her! I couldn't figure out why at times he could talk calmly, but as soon as he said the word woman, he just about busted a vessel in his head, and started screaming again.

The man has woman problems and is prejudiced against women. I thought God taught us to love one another.

Thanks for the video, and sorry I couldn't watch it all.
Tommy said…
PD, Cathy just told me about this and I watched it. Let me just say I am physically sick to my stomach. I have faced combat, and a world of other dangerous things and was never as sick as I am right now. All I have to say is I wish this man would come to our church, first I would love to show him what a real man of God looks like, Then I would love to "USHER" him right out the door when he gets out of order. It would be my pleasure...God forgive me for feeling this way but it would feel so good ushering him out. There is more that I want to say but God is keeping my tounge at bay! Maybe I will email them.

Love ya,

Anonymous said…

I couldn't watch more than 3 minutes of this guy. My husband even said turn him off.

Where is the idiot from? God help us! He looks and sounds like he's from an area we first pastored in West Virginia and that brings back nightmares I'd prefer to forget.
Not to disparage WV, but that's the first thing I thought of LaDonna! Reason being...we used to be in Potomac District. One time our Supt at the time (who was very forward thinking) had a seminar on women in the ministry and equality (was excellent) and then in the Q & A session, this pastor from WV who just used to make my skin crawl got up and made a statement on the mic and everything and among other things he said, "Bro. Supt, if we start allowing this in our churches, it's just going to reaffirm women also wearing pants and short hair and we can't have that!!!" I can still hear his twangy accent in my mind saying all that stuff and turning to my husband saying, "don't ever leave me in the elevator alone with that man if we are at council or something...I would put nothing past that freak..." Incidentally I laughed at this video but my husband watched it tonight when he got home and he said, "I find nothing funny about that. It makes me sick." Larry usually wants to strangle people like this...he can't manage to laugh at them. I guess I can laugh at this point because for so many years I cried privately when treated with prejudice. I had to learn to laugh or it would have killed me.
Aaron said…
You are definitely one of a kind Deanna! I shut it off 3 times and only could handle 3 minutes. I think his church is 2 chickens, a cow, horse and pig.
I estimated 36 amens in those 3 minutes.
Angie said…
Chris is listening with are a few of "Whaaaaaat??????"
"Okay, Honey, it's proven now, I'm always right and you're always wrong! :-)"
"You're allowed to seduce me all you want....."
"Is there anything you'd like to know right now, Honey? We're at home."

This man is a sad our Father must be.
I agree about the animals, Aaron. As Kathi said there is some kind of squeak squeak in the background and it sounds like rats or a bird. Weird!

Angie, it seems all sane men are having this reaction! I played it for Dustin today who was home sick and after about 3 min. he said, "Mom, pleease shut it off, that guy is crazy! Does he really do this for 9 whole minutes?" I said, "um yep, but it even gets worse." He was incredulous and my son has seen the gamut on Youtube of some crazy stuff before!
Angie said…
and his final comments...
"Keep your mouth shut, Woman. Stop laughing at the brother :=)"
"Maybe I should make you sit under that man all the'd have to get in line and listen!"

Seriously, Chris' comments were all in good humor. Sadly, we've run across some Brother Wally's in real life.
Tara Sloan said…
What about the part, "Those are demonized women being raped by Satan in the church house!"

This guy is a few fries short of a Happy Meal! Really!

I guess if the enemy is doing all that in his "church house" he really doesn't have any authority or anointing either! My Bible says we have power over the enemy!

His ignorance is SAD!

He needs to read Acts 21:9, where it says that Philip had four virgin daughters who PROPHESIED

And what about Galations 3:28? Deborah the judge, Mary after Jesus' resurrection, Priscilla, and of course we could go on and on... this is ridiculous!

What a moron!
Angie said…
Tara, Chris was bringing up examples of the New Testament women last night. This man really bothered him....more then it did me.

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