What would you do?

I have often said that pastors are presented with unique and very challenging decisions that few could ever understand or imagine. I saw this on another pastor's blog today and just had to re-post it here. This is just an example of one such difficult decision. If you were these people's pastor, would you have agreed to perform this wedding?


DaNella Auten said…
Yeah because the vows were will you take so and so for your forever friend... I thought it was cute.
Tina said…
That is so crazy but you are right you never know what you would do in that situation. I just think is crazy for the fact that a 9 year old doesn't fully understand what marriage is and how many 9 year olds want marriage most want to go to somewhere they have never been or meet a famoous person.
Anonymous said…
It's been removed due to terms of use violation. Therefore, I've just read the comments and this is what I think I'd do: Use it as a teachable moment to teach from the word of God because marriage is to be held in honor among all Heb 13:4
Marriage is a sacred undertaking.
Friends may come and go.

We have a wedding policy/procedure which even includes a modesty policy for the bridesmaids/bride due to the fact that so many flaunt at weddings. It really is a stumbling block and the church has become desensitized to the flaunting/gawking. What happened to purity?
FYI - I just found another link on Youtube to the video and reposted it. It should be there at least for a while and if it disappears again I'll look up another. Thanks for making me aware.