Saturday shots

Just getting home from the regional women's conference this weekend (which was great) and thought I'd share a few photos from today...both at the conference and at home...

Season Russo with Savanna -- Season leads the "Daughters by Design" for our district and Savanna is just a lih-tle crazy about her! She is so influenced by the wonderful Mrs. Season Russo that this is what she wrote on her bedroom wall. I'm thrilled...what a great mentor.

She came home and couldn't wait to tell her Dad everything learned from Season at "Daughters by Design." Here they are hamming it up this afternoon laughing.

Can you tell I love our puppy just a little bit?

Photographing one of her melancholy moments. She has a lot of those. Ya know, it's just that bulldog face.


DaNella Auten said…
I guess Maddie filled your need for a baby huh? Lol God is funny that way.
Melissa said…
Tell me how could you not love that puppy face! Seriously, she is so stinkin cute I want one!