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Playback of yesterday

So as to not disappoint you lifetime intimate portrait groupies who are wanting to read this first thing this morning with your cup of coffee, I will give a re-cap of yesterday. (GRIN)

We spent time with Larry's parents and getting ready for church last night. We had a little Valentine Celebration in Fusion and that was fun. My mother in law came in there with me and Larry's Dad went to youth group. I brought a message in Fusion continuing in our series this month on I Corinthians 13 and this one focused on the "amazing power of kindness." You might wonder how powerful a message on kindness can be but I think this qualified as one. I have heard some before that have been kind of milquetoast, but I was determined it wasn't going to be that way. I believe it really spoke to some hearts. In addition to worship and the teaching and our small groups we had all kinds of Valentine treats and punch and coffee. Lourdes made some cookies that were amazing!

After church Wed night I went grocery shopping because Larry wanted me to make stuffed peppers for dinner today. Larry and his parents went with Savanna to another store to pick out colors for her room which they are working on while they are here. I headed out to the store to get the food and there was a one hour back up on 75, which I wasn't too happy about, but it gave me a chance to just relax and listen to music and stuff. After grocery shopping I came home to get the peppers ready. I have a habit of making dinner the night before if I have opportunity. I like to do whatever I can to plan ahead, save time and make things more efficient. The stuffed peppers are one of Jordan and Larry's favorite things that I make...I just don't do it often enough. I'm putting it together with a ceasar salad and garlic bread and I pulled out all the china and stuff and set the table. I wanted to have all of that ready to go because I do have my hair appointment and errands to run so mother in law can just pop it in the oven and all this will be ready when I come home. Yay!

Last night while I was making the peppers we watched American Idol. I can hardly believe Norman made it through. Dustin is estatic. I'm just shaking my head in disbelief. Every season there has to be some wild card. I guess he is this year's Sanjaya.

I finished off the night with Maddie in my lap, rocking her to sleep while watching the end of Idol. Larry's Mom is really sharing my feelings toward Maddie and my husband is amazed at how much we both baby her. It's kind of nice to have somebody who is a little over the top at caring for her as I like to. She really is such a magnificent pup!


Anonymous said…
I was kind of afraid to read today's blog because I was sure there would be some AI spoilers (I haven't watched last night's yet!), LOL...but, Norman? REALLY? I've heard amateurs singing during the offering at church that sound better than him!
Lori said…
Not crazy about Norman but figure he'll be fodder for one fo the first rounds. However, that Tatianna chick has got to go! Oh my stars, she's got problems! I was really happy though that both the oil rig & welding guy both made it through. Oh, and Danny Gokey too!
Anonymous said…
Hey Deanna,
Speaking of traffic being backed up. On our way home this past weekend we tried to go to Sally's boutique but I couldn't get close. The police were directing traffic! It was a circus. I drove through the parking lot and couldn't find a parking spot. So, we gave up and went on home.
Aaron said…
Wow, milquetoast? I don't know if I ever even heard this word before! So cool, I take 75 to work going through Toledo, Ohio :-) So happy for the good time y'all are having with the in-loves!

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