Oasis Youth Fine Arts
Fundraiser Snapshots

Some highlights from Sunday's youth fundraiser for fine arts...they raised a few hundred dollars and had a blast doing it!

Doing their special cheer, "We got a donation..." They were having so much fun and getting such a reaction from the crowd, I had to take some photos. (I keep my camera in my purse all the time for such occasions.)

Jordan led this cute little cheer each time someone donated. Some people were donating just to hear the cheer again. It was funny.

They made a mountain of food -- hotdogs, baked goods, etc. and sold it after church and during the Fireproof movie night. On Sunday night they even had empanadas homemade by Julie! They were yum. I ate two of them myself.

"Hey everbody...we got a dough-nation!"Supportive parent and church member Becky Faux steps up to give a dough-nation and get something to eat.

The girls ready to cheer

In between customers and cheers...

Dustin Shrodes...leader of this fine bunch