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Push through to receive your blessing!

The devil just hates you. I'm serious. I'm telling all of you reading this blog right now...please WAKE UP and be aware of his devices! Don't be deceived. Come out of your naivety if you do not believe he has an assignment against you. This weekend has shaken me up a bit. I am realizing just how much the enemy hates me and did not want me to receive what God had for me this weekend.

Up til' the last minute, I was not going to reps meeting in Sarasota at the Hyatt. (Pictured at right) I have been feeling miserable as all of you know who read my blog. (I did get an appointment with a specialist by the way, the first available is January 29 so please keep that in prayer.) The last thing I wanted to do feeling this way was drive to Sarasota or anywhere. All I've wanted to do is lay in bed and work from there. Truthfully I didn't even feel like doing my work but being that I'm faithful to the 'nth degree, it's all done from my laptop while I sit with ice packs and heating pads. Anyhoo...

Joy wouldn't hear of me not coming and said she'd drive. Let me tell you, the enemy did everything he could to keep me in Tampa this weekend. I had every excuse not to go including the fact that there was a major event at our church which I normally lead worship for. (No problem, my son took care of leading worship. What a blessing.) Well...

I pressed through and went to our meeting in Sarasota and basically all I can say is MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN GREATLY ALTERED AS A RESULT OF THIS MEETING. I hate to blog about something and then not blog about it, but truth be told I cannot tell everything that happened for me during the weekend because some of it is confidential right now. A few of you who are very close friends of mine reading this know and some of you who know me personally will know but for now some things I do have to keep under wraps. But I will just say, as my friend LaDonna Jones, who is a fellow rep said this weekend, "Deanna, it's AMAZING the blessing that God has seemingly just 'dropped into your lap this weekend.'" Yep. The thing is, I realize although it appears to be that he's dropped it into my lap suddenly, He obviously knew from the beginning of time what He planned to do, and and many friends have been praying for this kind of a blessing for me. The price has been paid because certain people have prayed. So...not sure when I can talk about it but undoubtedly at some point I will.

Second, just being with my friends on the reps board was such a blessing. Yes I did sit with an ice pack on me, and yes I was hurting all weekend. But it was worth it!!! I was so ministered to. We all were. It was not only our regular business meeting but there is much ministry involved. Marsha brought a message and ended up washing our feet and when doing so she prayed a prayer over each of us and also had prophetic words. Tammy wrote down all of the prophetic words exactly for each person so we could take them home. It was a very emotional time. The following were some things in my prophecy that Marsha said word for word:

Deanna, you are a black woman in disguise. Even as I wash your feet, healing is coming to your body. I wash your feet because you have not been afraid to go where no white woman has gone. Thank God for your obedience. The healing of God goes through Any discouragement is going in the name of Jesus. Breakthrough will come. The fullness will come to pass in her life. These feet will walk where the enemy thought was his. BACK OFF ENEMY! The Lord says to you that the attacks came first from without, and then from within. But none shall defeat you says the Lord. He says complete restoration is coming to you. The restoration will be repay you for all you have given out. You are not a prissy woman. Because of your humility and desire to help others, you Lord give her your anointing. Now this will be a year that you will bless her socks off! If they weren't already off now, they sure will be this year because You're getting ready to do it! You are humble, you are not afraid to eat African food. You are anointed for the road ahead. There is breakthrough for you in 2009!"

Wow-ee I do receive that in Jesus name! Thank you Jesus and thank you Marsha for speaking what the Holy Spirit imparted to you.

The weekend also had other elements to it such as going to dinner at the the Columbia restaurant as a blessing from Marsha, and receiving some wonderful gifts from Bath and Body works, and sharing breakfast together this morning, and hanging out at one of the world's most beautiful hotels (Hyatt Sarasota) I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel with a more magnificent view. It was amazing. Marsha is not only an amazing spiritual leader but she treats us in so many ways to let us know we are appreciated for what we do for the ladies of our sections. It means so much.

I was so blessed and this was just what I needed at this time, in so many ways. More than anything, through a few opportunities and miracles that God "dropped into my lap" I know more than ever He has His eye on me and He cares for me and knows all. God is soooooo good! Praise His name forever!!!


"Deanna, you are a black woman in disguise."

I knew this already...LOL! Time to go shopping for new hair to celebrate the announcement to the rest of the world!

Love you!
lol...thankyou. Actually this was such an honor for me to hear that in word from God. I feel it in my spirit but to know that God sees me that way too...WOW! How cool! Yep, I need hair to celebrate, for sure. (And I'll be sure to have the receipt -- ha ha, inside joke...)
Aaron said…
'The restoration will be repaid to you for all you have given out.' I feel very strongly that this is what God will do for you. He did it for Joseph, Job, and David. He wants us to follow Him and just do what He's called us to do and not worry about any consequences. He will take care of us in the process and after the process. You will be restored. I wrote a little about this in my 'Save me' post. It is based on Psalm 69. Your 2009 is going to be awesome!
Melissa said…
YOO HOOO! WOW what a powerful word! SO on target! Reading that so clicks with my spirit! New hair just let the Florida humidity get to that curly hair of! I love ya! Praying for you my sister!

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