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New family member

Just time for a quick post today ~ so much happening and so much yet to come!

First, here is a photo of our new family member. Here she is, an english bulldog puppy. She is just a few weeks old and is my husband's dog that he got himself for Christmas. Her name is Madeline.

I spent all day taking the Christmas decorations and trees down and cleaning up from our mega new year's eve party. We had about 100 people at our house last night. I lost count but we ran out of plates and had to go get more and I had well over 125 plates for the evening. It was insane! The jacuzzi was always full of people, the fireplace lit and people gathered there. Other folks were stuffed in other rooms and we had more food than a Golden Corral, (but it was better quality!), we did salsa dancing and the cha cha slide and had the stereo so cranked it probably shook all of Lexington Oaks! :-) Fun! But today for me was clean up time. Some faithful friends helped me clean most of it last night but I didn't finish it all til' today. Ya know how that goes...stuff like vacuuming, sweeping, etc. Tomorrow we clean the garage and put all the boxes of Christmas stuff away which will be a day-long job as well. Hopefully with all I have to do I will get out to at least one after Christmas sales and get myself another tree at at least a 75% mark down. (I love Christmas trees! I think I have blogged about the reason before but if not I will soon...somebody remind me!)

Tonight in a few hours Larry and I are leaving for the studio to do America's Prayer meeting. If you want to watch us you can if you have Direct TV or SkyAngel or just go to Scroll down where is says to watch live and you can do so. We will be doing the show midnight - 3 am EST. We are also scheduled to do the show tomorrow night. Hopefully I will join him tomorrow night too if I am not too zonked from getting all this stuff done. Got to go get showered and dressed for the ciao!


Anonymous said…
AWWW...congrats to Larry!!

I almost think a dog is a necessity for those of us in the ministry - when you've had a bad day and you don't feel like you have a friend in the world, you come home and there's always someone there who thinks you hung the moon and stars.

As my late grandpa told my husband when we got our dog (also at Christmastime!), "I was married for 43 years, and I can tell you that your wife may not always be happy to see you come home, but the dog always will be!"
Melissa said…
OH, Madeline is so adorable! She has the sweetest little face! AWE! Now she would be hard not to fall in love with! I highly recommend crate training since you all spend quite a bit of time outside the house. I have a friend that has an English Bill Dog and she said she will not get any other kind of dog.
I agree with Leanne, when I have been at my lowest and darkest place, our pup was the only thing that would bring a smile to my face, even if there was a mess to clean up in the utility room where we keep her at night...we are in a parsonage and are not suppose to allow any animals in the house. I pray she will be a joy and light for you! Love ya! BTW love the new back ground!
Anonymous said…
It is adorable!!! I bet you can just spend a ton of time watching it play !! I love puppies. I like my dogs personality better than some people I know lolol

Oh she is SO cute!! Enjoy the next 8-13 years!! HA HA HA

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