Maddie photos and busy day

Today is a day to get a pile of stuff done around the house, do last minute preparations for church tomorrow, and to meet up with our friends Pastor Keith & Joy Conley for a meal. We haven't gotten together for a while and they've been in Indiana for Christmas and New Year. It will be good to fellowship.

So busy today...not a lot of time to blog but enjoy these photos I took of Maddie last night as she was laying on the blanket that was over me as I rested. She wasn't feeling well as she had just had her shot and was real mellow. Here you can see her little pink t-shirt we got her yesterday.


Melissa said…
ok it's official...I love your puppy! Makes me want another one! Sorta like holding a baby, makes you want one or at least a new puppy! I would be happy with either but a puppy is all i could'd be a miracle to have a baby unless we adopted!
Cassandra said…
She is too cute!! Has she lifted your spirits??Surely so :)
Deborah said…
Hi I so love her pictures, about 18years ago I use to breed with them, such loving and loyal doggies. love always me
Anonymous said…
Wow...I spent time this weekend with a friend's baby, and now I REALLY want a baby. Now I'm looking at pictures of Maddie and thinking I want a second puppy, too. I think my current dog would be happier with a baby...LOL!!!!

P.S. I fixed the link on my last post, and it works now :o).
She is SO cute!!! And maybe a wee-bit spoiled :o) Just the way it should be!