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This is a new word I've created, at least to my knowledge, I am the first to come up with it. If you were at our service at Northside this past Sunday morning, you know this was part of my message that I preached. Then, I shared about it in my weekly "cup of coffee" ezine devotional this morning that goes out to a mass of people, and immediately had my e-mail box absolutely flooded with people going crazy about it.

One pastor is sharing it at his business meeting tonight. Another pastor thought it was brilliant and just sent the devotional to every single person in their address books, and the list goes on. Every time I check my e-mail box I'm getting more mail from people about it...and the ezine has only been out a few

After seeing the flood of e-mail come my way I realized it hit a chord with A LOT of people. I was delighted but kinda scared at the reaction, because...

I don't have it copyrighted! The first moment a few weeks ago that God dropped the word in my heart as I was out walking I thought about writing a book on it. Then I preached a message on it this Sunday. Some of you are wondering why I didn't just keep the idea to myself and wait til' I wrote a book. Are you a preacher? Probably not if you are wondering that. (GRIN) Um, when God gives you a word it burns so much you just can't wait to unleash it, at least with most preachers.

I realize ideas are a hot commodity and can also easily be taken and capitalized on by someone else. I immediately thought this morning of copyrighting the word so that if I do write a book I can prove I had the idea first. Upon researching I've learned you can't copyright a word. But advice given was to document your word in several ways showing you were the first to use it, if indeed you are wanting to write a book with the word as the title. I've got my preaching CD from Sunday but will also use my e-mail and this blog. Any of you who comment me here will go on record with the date and time to show that this idea was documented here with the time stamp of your date/comment. (Thankyou friends!)

Please know, this is not about money, it's about writing. If you know anything about me you know that I live to write!! Ideas are precious to a writer. The Lord dropped this into my heart and if somebody writes a book about it -- honestly, I do want it to be me. I would like to have the first opportunity to write a work about this, not somebody who jumped on the bandwagon because they heard the word. Anybody who is a writer will understand what I'm saying.

Okay, here's the brief devotional about the word that was shared on the ezine today. I'm planning to put a podcast up of my message in the next week or so. I'll link to it here on the blog.


Because the foundation of the church is Jesus, we are unlike any other organization in the world.
When our foundation is right, we shine. When the focus strays from our first love, Jesus - when we don't keep him the focal point of everything we do, we become repulsive.

This week I had a revelation. I have made up a new word. You heard it here first, in fact let it go on record, I'm even thinking about writing a book about this. The word I came up with is CHURCHZILLA.

You've heard of bridezilla, I'm sure. Usually these brides have their focus on the wrong thing. They are not focused on the love for the groom anymore. The marriage is not the reason for the wedding. The wedding becomes the reason for the wedding. The trappings become more important than the relationship. They care more about the design of a cake or what kind of flowers they are having rather than how much they love the groom. They turn into bridal monsters, thus the name bridezilla.

When the church gets her focus off of the groom and begins the focus mostly on the trappings, we become churchzilla.

What's right with the church? Well when the foundation is right, nothing is more beautiful. When the church focuses on Jesus and acts as He does and loves as He does we are a beautiful radiant bride, and we become captivating to those around us.

Ever been to a wedding where the bride was just so stunning you couldn't take your eyes off of her? That's what the church is like when it's foundation is right. The world can't help but stare for all the right reasons.


Tara Sloan said…
Lord have MERCY D! I have been working on a message/post called "Bridezilla"... we are grooving to the same tune these days! LOL!
Sharon said…
:0D Thanks for sharing! Very interesting take. Yep, I give you credit for the word "Churchzilla".

I shared this post with Tim, and he requested I print it off and give it to him. He wants to share it at the beginning of our Annual Business Meeting tonight.
Anonymous said…
This is too FUNNY. My daughter was sitting on the floor waiting for me to get off of your web site. I was scrolling down and suddenly she JUMPED AND EXCLAIMED
with a sigh "That Scared Me!"...
as she saw CHURCHZILLA!
Church does get pretty scary sometimes. Thanks for the laugh!
Anonymous said…
Pastor Deanna -

This very topic came up in one of our meetings this week!!! Perfect timing!

Nancy S.

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