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Voices singing let's be jolly...
deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Tonight was our Fusion Christmas party. I decided a while back that I wanted us to do Christmas dinner. It was awesome! I was glad to have something fun tonight. My work day at the church was fine today but mid-day I went to have my yearly mammogram -- a necessary pain. I'm always afraid the machine is going to malfunction and keep me in that vice-grip like state. "What iffff....the electricity goes out in the place while I'm stuck in there are keeps me pinched in that horrific side view position?" UGH! I know, I know...unfounded fear but I can't help but think about it as I'm holding my breath staring forward,ever so ready to hear that machine click and the tech say, "okay, you're all done..." And this new "digital mammography" is supposed to be easier? Perhaps they can detect things better but I'll tell you this, you are still flattened out like an absolute pancake, feeling like you have been entrapped under a garage door. If I wasn't a woman of God, I'd have a shot of whiskey or something before going in there. Seriously. Next time maybe I'll at least take a Motrin beforehand. Or maybe two. At any rate, it's over for another year...I don't have to be made into a pancake until next December. On to party time...

The evening was so festive when you walked in tonight and the smell of a bunch of delicious food plus the scent of coffee percolating hit you when you walked through the doors as well as the Christmas music. Thankfully the ladies who helped set up (thanks Aimee, Susan and Cathy!) had the foresight to add an extra table to what I had asked them to prepare for because we needed it. We filled every seat that was set up for the dinner plus I think somebody added a chair at another table. It was wonderful but not very good for watching my weight. Oh my. So many favorites. Shepherd's pie, lasagne, manicotti, chicken alfredo, picadillo, rice and beans, cajun chicken, cheesecake, cherry pie and list goes on and was an amazing array of food.

Following dinner I went to the piano and led in a game of Christmas "name that tune", selecting dozens of old Christmas songs hoping to stump somebody. Well, they were real good players and got them all...but Pat won the prize of the evening! Boy she really knew her songs that's for sure. They even got the Hippopatumus song on the first few notes. Ha!

Following the Christmas name that tune I asked Bill to go around with the wireless mic and have people share their favorite Christmas memories while I softly played some carols in the background. It made for a nice sentimental touch.

Good stuff...and...speaking of stuffed, I truly am literally and figuratively, and ready for sleep. Lord Jesus, I've got to get back on track. I was hoping to before the first of the year but each day is difficult this season. Tomorrow night we have company for dinner so it's not lookin' real good for tomorrow either, but despite the struggle of trying to get back on program I sure am enjoying the fellowship with friends and family.

Off to watch a few minutes of Fox and drift off to sleep. I am soooo wanting them to talk about something besides Blagojevich or Caylee Anthony for just a few minutes. *sigh*


Anonymous said…
I live right on the Illinois border - Gov. Blagojevich is all we hear about on our REGULAR news channels these days, never mind Fox news!!!! I get it - he's a crook. Put him in jail and be done with it!!
Melissa said…
OK I agree with Leanne! I live in IL and I am tired of the same ole news casts! WE get both Blago as my honey calls him and Caylee.
Your pancake experience...I too have thought what if the elecrtic goes out. I am happy they are creating new ways to get better images but they have got to come up with a better technique of taking the pictures. Seriously, it has go tto be men making those machines! I can think of a few ways to get back at them...uh maybe then they might figure out a new devise...LOL!!! Have fun with your dinner tonight!

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