Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore...

Today has been a day filled with Christmas preparations. We worked a full day at the office today trying to tie up loose ends. Then we went to the post office to mail some Christmas things after work and I had Larry take me for a cuban sandwich since I've been craving one for days and haven't had one. Finally this craving has subsided. (And yes, I counted it on program.)

My husband dropped me off at home after picking up the cuban and went out Christmas shopping for me. I came home and rested a bit and then started doing things in preparation for Christmas day such as setting our dinner table, and making two pumpkin pies while listening to the Holly station. I just love it...will miss it once the holidays are over. Savanna and Jordan started a fire in the fireplace on the patio and started setting up the tent. They are going to be "camping" in the backyard tonight, as Jordan did last Friday night. They are all excited about it.

I am looking forward most of all to relaxing after Christmas. To rest is the greatest gift I could receive. I could never adequately articulate to most people the load that is on me. Most times I don't try, I just bear it. The last week of the year is one of my favorite times of the year and usually when we get to this point I'm just ready to crash. It's time for a slower pace for a week, and renewing my body and spirit. I really need it right now in a way that few could understand.


LAURIE said…

I wanted to stop in and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and tell you how much I have enjoyed the writings from your heart this past year!

Merry Christmas!