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Day of the turnaround

This was the morning from hell, literally...and it turned around in the afternoon.

I came in this morning to the news that all of the work we had done on our Africa video project was ruined. Over. Gone. Yup. It looked like it was as good as dead. Were it not for Jesus in my life I would have said, "kill me now. Just put me out of my misery. Pull a trigger...." I was sooooooooooooooo upset, you can't even imagine. I thought I was going to go out of my mind. Sometimes I get really upset and I don't hold back. Today was one such day.

We were doing all this work in preparation for Sunday. I am showing the video and preaching a message that I can't wait to deliver! But as of this morning, all the work we did the last two days was gone. Two days worth of editing down the drain. Zapped. Destroyed. Lost.

Cathy knew I would be beside myself when I found out. Once I heard the news, I holed up in my office trying to do other work,sipping on a perfect cup of coffee that Cathy had waiting for me when I had walked in. She knew I wouldn't be happy when I got the news so she was soothing me in the way she does so well. Her efforts were perfect but still didn't take away the pain. Only being completely under anesthesia would have soothed it, or having the project fixed, one. After the initial upset, I brooded until lunch time.

At lunch time, I left to go down to International Mall/Westshore to have lunch with my friend, Val. I was happy to do this because I knew my day would have at least one good thing in it. She suggested we go to Earl of Sandwich which is a place I had never been to, but she was very familiar with as they also had it out in Denver, where she's originally from. She suggested the Mediterranean wrap which I got with a tomato soup with croutons which is one of my all time fav options for lunch. was so delicious, I will definitely go back and suggest the staff go for lunch one day too. The conversation was even better...only too short as usual...Val had to scoot back to work in a timely manner. Normally I would have to as well but I was not excited to get back to my office being that my project was gone. I wanted to get in my car and keep driving until I got to the Florida Keys or maybe even off the Skyline Bridge. :-) But anyway, I did return to the office but not before getting a skinny latte to further nurse my wounds as I went back to the office .

Pastor Trinity and my husband went to get another hard drive and we would start the project all over again somehow. Pastor T suggested I pray for the original hard drive the project was on (that crashed) that it would come back even for just a few minutes... just long enough to load it onto the new hard drive they went out and got. Pastor T said there was a "1% chance of it working." He brought the old one in and put it on my desk and I grabbed ahold of it and started praying for God to do a miracle. My prayer was, "God, I've prayed for people to be raised from the dead...I've believed you to heal crippled people...I've seen you do absolute miracles in people. If you can raise a dead person you can raise a dead hard drive..." And then...the anointing of God combined with T's efforts brought the project back long enough to get it on the new drive. Yep, God turns things around even when they are dead, or at a 1% chance!! He is truly the God of the turnaround! Remember this today if you have had something bad happen. What man considers impossible or even at a 1% chance is possible through God.

We will pick up on the remainder of the project tomorrow, after Pastor T re-loads or renders everything tonight or whatever it is that he has to do to our previous work to prepare it for the next phase.

All I will say is this...

While we were in Africa, we lost the most important video tape, which made no sense since we watched it like a hawk. After the WHOLE CONVENTION (and I am not kidding!) prayed it would be returned, it was, mysteriously. It was the oddest of the strangest I've ever experienced. This was after a very important part of the tape already having been also permanently rendered unusable, oddly enough. Well, then we bring the tape home, and...this happens today. And all I have to say to all of this is that it's exceedingly clear that THE ENEMY DOES NOT WANT ANYONE TO VIEW THIS TAPE! All the more reason, if you are a Northsider - you definitely need to be there Sunday to see it! And if you are not a Northsider and live too far to come Sunday to see this at church and hear me talk about it, then make sure you watch it when I post it online!

With that said, we have two more days of editing to do. Will you please pray for anointing and protection as we do?


Toots said…
What matters to us matters to God, even a hard drive that has "crashed"!!!
Love Ya!!!
Melissa said…
OK this settles it! I definately want you praying for us! Seriously though, wow! I am so glad you were able to save that video! I can't wait to see it! Will pray for an annointing and that you are able to finish the project without another glitch! Satan stand back cause God is gonna smash you again and again!!

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