Bad day

Blogger Mom came back into the room and found this was what her kids were up to...can you imagine? *sigh *

Owner was surely pissed off off to find out computer was pissed on... lol

The day turned out to be a slap in the face to this guy...

Some days you just feel like poop. Or at least pooped on.

I'd say work was a little "overwhelming" for this guy

So today was a bad day.


But tomorrow HAS to be better.

That's really all I have to say tonight. But I have provided some visual aids. When I came home I googled "bad day" to see what anyone else in the world had to say about bad days. And here's what I found -- blogs and photos of people having a bad day.

Now I don't feel quite as bad anymore. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said…
That first picture? I literally came home to that one day a few years ago. Lesson learned: never leave festively packaged holiday cookie mixes underneath the Christmas tree when a large dog is in the house.

Hope today is better for you :o).