We're home!

We're back in Tampa but our luggage isn't. Oh well, I'd rather be missing it at home rather than in Africa. Much easier to deal without having my things here than out of the country. It's supposed to be delivered in the middle of the night, so we're praying that it comes before I have to get ready for church in the morning.

I'm going to post the highlights from the conference on Sunday. Very tired and headed to bed right now. I slept on the plane a whole lot on the 30 hour journey...some of the first real sleep I have had in a week however I am still tired. This trip really took a lot out of me but of course it was so worth it. It is going to take me days to catch up but I'll get back on track soon.

I am not answering any e-mails until Monday so if you write, thanks for your understanding. Just need a while to get acclimated back to the routine.

Thank you to all of you who fasted and prayed for us. Your pressing in brought great results!

Love to all,


Welcome back...