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Soccer Momma

Action shot of Jordan kicking the ball...Savanna took this today at the first game Wesley Chapel High vs. Wiregrass High School.

In the midst of getting ready for my departure to Africa, not to mention Sunday service and choir tomorrow, I had an 8-hour stint at the soccer field today for Jordan. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a soccer mom. :-) Jordan plays varsity soccer for Wesley Chapel High.

We left the house this morning to go to Sun Lake High School in Land O Lakes and I took this picture of the sky...

and by the time the last game was in progress it was like this...

Savanna video taped most of the game and helped me to take pictures as well. Dustin and Casey were at the game... as well as Tom and Kirsti Garland.

Jordan's team lost both games unfortunately (this was their first) but he personally did real good. We're proud of him win or lose.

I took my work bag with me to work on stuff during the time Jordan's team was not playing. I didn't get a whole lot done, just a few little things. I'm home at this point making chicken and dumplings for tomorrow's choir dinner (covered dish dinner) and ironing clothes for tomorrow, washing clothes and then I'm going to try to wrap up another message for Africa. I am not a person that takes an extraordinary amount of time to prepare messages, however keep in mind I have to prepare six of them.

We have many things to take to Africa, as I mentioned the other day -- and now I have even more since Bill and Barb have asked me to bring a few special things for them that I didn't previously have on my list, which is fine cause' I really want to bring what they need most with me. The postage is outrageous to send anything there. Sue checked today and evidently it's $150 for us to take an extra box so I think we will try to go that route. Believe me that's nothing compared to what they would have to pay to receive a package by US Mail. There is no way all this is going to fit in a few suitcases and believe it or not I have even more I want to try to fit in to take to the ladies. This year we're going to a new level with what we take. Instead of just giving the gift (with no wrapping) to the leadership ladies, we're taking gift bags and tissue paper to really do it up right. And...this year I've added gifts (with gift bags & tissue) for ALL of the AG missionary women who will be there -- there are 14 of them in Kenya. I don't have room for the gift wrap for every lady but I figured we'll do it for the leadership. I like doing things "pretty" and I think they'll be very surprised when we pull out the beautiful gift bags to present them all the way from the USA, with jewelry, a book for minister's wives, makeup, lotion, yada yada! Then we will just give the other gifts as they are to the women present at the conference. Here I go running off at the mouth about Africa again. Can you tell I'm excited? I leave in 3 days. Amazing!!!

Got to go...the chicken is almost ready to take out of the pot and make the dumplings...

It's going to be a great day tomorrow at Northside!

p.s. I'm still totally news-less! My husband is watching hockey and I'm sayin', keep it up, babe! I'm in the Word-Worship-Prayer zone and much happier that way. I'm planning on going to Kenya newsless and maybe beyond. It's working for me.


DaNella Auten said…
Since you are news less I guess you didn't hear that... Just Joking! Keep it up girl, sometimes we need to get away to concentrait. Love ya,
Incase I don't catch you again, I am praying for you, that you will "hear a voice behind you saying THIS is the way walk in it" with all of your travels.
Melissa said…
I love being "newsless" so much less stess that way. You really haven't missed much, honestly now that the politcal ads are gone there's not much to see.
I am excited for you! Sean and I are gearing up for our prayer and fasting for you and the family! Love you my friend! Can't wait to see the awesome pictures! God bless every step of the trip for you and Sue.
Anonymous said…
You are in my thoughts and prayers too! Add me to your list! I am happy for you and believe you are a woman of the Spirit and intercession is where you need to be before a trip to Africa! If you ever meet Kenyan from Kenya who was at SEU in 89-90, please please get me his contact information. He was such a man of God! Healed miraculously and at SE when my dh and I were there.

Lastly, I was in my car listening to Shawn Hannidy and I couldn't believe what I was hearing! A man called in with a "prayer" and Shawn interrupted it to ask:
"Wait a minute. Are you saying that you believe Obama is the Messiah?" The guy replied, "Well, have you seen the world "rejoice" over his election?! Yes, that's what I believe. Shawn told him that he needs help and to see a counselor!

Messiah?? Come on people! 2as1
Anonymous said…
You are such a good mother! You make a happy home. And you guys make beatiful babies! 2as1
Anonymous said…
I'm trying to be "newsless," but my husband and I couldn't think of anything not church-related to talk about on our date night, and so we reverted to politics. Sad, but true...

I commend you for NOT being glued to the news networks this week. That's a difficult accomplishment!!
Sharon said…
I laughed when I saw the shorts, then thought, "oh yeah, she is in 'paradise' where it's warm!" Yesterday we felt a taste of winter. :0( Lucky you to have nice weather for a long day. I don't think I could have taken the hours on the bleachers. I too will be lifting you up before the Lord while you are in Africa.

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