Photo from Nakuru

Dr. Bill Kuert, Barbara Kuert, Sue Flint, Me, Heather - Bill & Barb's niece

I have updated all of the photos below with the photos that I actually took in Nakuru today. I have lots -- these are for now.

Today Sue and I got all the gifts for the ladies lined up and counted and we have about 778 or something like that. We also have gifts for the missionaries and the African women's leadership. Very exciting!!! We are now at the missionary compound getting things ready for service in the morning in Buru Burn. I have studying and praying to do tonight long for now. Priority is...amazing service in the morning. Keep checking the Twitter for updates!

Love to all...


Anonymous said…
I am still working on my little contribution for this part of your missionary work there. Pray that God will touch the hearts of those I am pursuing in this matter!Have a blessed day!