National Women's Conference - Day Two

Pre-scheduled post:

We are expecting a blockbuster day today! I just can't wait to see what God will do! I'll be preaching twice - once this morning, once this evening.

This morning's message is, "God of the Turnaround" and tonight's is, "Take God at His Word"! I can't wait to unleash this word!

Thank you for your prayers that this whole day/evening will be absolutely saturated in the anointing God!

p.s. check the Twitter. Are you getting tired of me saying that? :-)


Peggy said…
Blessings Deanna...I wish I were there! Sounds like great messages!
I will TAKE GOD at HIS WORD...and may HE Turn me around...May you all be refreshed and anointed in His Holy Word...may it flow through and over you and overflowing to all who are fortunate enough to be there in His Presence and hear His message flow through you! May ALL be saturated in Him, His Power & His Spirit with such an anointing that they will burst with God's Love!