Monday, October 06, 2008

Who would do this if I didn't?

I forgot to mention here on the blog that my monthly column, "Survive and Thrive for Ministry Wives" was published on Friday at Take Root and Write. You can read this month's column, "Who would do this if I didn't?" here.

The column was published on Friday but I had done it before leaving for Orlando because I knew I wouldn't have time to write or post it while there.

Happy reading, ministry wives! Enjoy this on this Monday morning, when it's "back to the drawing board" in life and ministry!

You do a lot of things for a lot of sure and put yourself on the list today and do something good for yourself.

Love you all...


Anonymous said...

I love this picture of you PD!

Pastor Shelisa Hull said...

Funny I didn't realize somebody else had already posted this....but I REALLY love this picture of you! You look FABULOUS!