Notes from this morning's sesson

Can't wait to share with you these notes from the two sessions this morning! Get ready to receive these nuggets of wisdom from the Conversations Conference in Phoenix!

"Overcoming Disappointment or Giving up the Dream?

Darlene McCarty - Co-Pastor and International Evangelist

Darlene began by sharing her story of their church split at their current church in TN. Amazing story of what they went through and how God helped them not only survive that time but ultimately thrive. Here are her pearls of wisdom on surviving disappointment/heartbreak/betrayal, etc. in ministry:

  • The enemy doesn't fight you if you're not valuable.

  • Praise God if he fights you because you know you're headed somewhere!

  • When people load their weapons against you, they always multiply. They will always be there. However, if people hold on to their weapons and keep them long enough, they will turn on them and destroy them.

  • People will blame pastors for things you didn't create and can't control. People in the church will sin, and then some folks will actually blame the pastor as if he/she could actually have stopped it!

  • How do we know the Lord's return is near? Matthew 24:10 Jesus said that many will be offended to the point where they will betray. Certainly this is going on in our churches today.

  • Keep in mind Jesus was saying the above scripture to the CHURCH, not the WORLD!

  • When Satan confronted Eve, she betrayed God and became offended at Him and believed Satan's report.

  • We are not dealing with people - we are dealing with a spirit - a demonic spirit.

  • It is a choice to allow your circumstance to dictate to you or to dictate your circumstance.

  • Key to getting beyond a disappointment in the church is to rid yourself of all negative people. Only spend time with the positive people.

  • Surround yourself with praise and worship. One minute of praise can change your life!

  • Romans 13:1-2 Scripture is clear on the subject of authority. Pastor, Co-pastor, PW, realize you have been placed by Almighty God in the authority position. If people rise against you they are rising against God himself.

  • I Peter 2:20 - important to keep in mind.

  • When people split a church and leave keep in mind that God cannot bless what is cursed.

  • People will stand before God one day. Note that they will stand for their actions, but we will stand for our RE-actions.

  • Realize that people who betray you don't care that you have been hurt. Don't allow them to hurt us further by occupying any of our thoughts.

  • Truth smashed to the ground will rise up undaunted! Stay righteous. Those who hurt you, if not repentant, usually lose all if they don't repent.

  • Can people steal your dream? No. Only one thing can...QUITTING.

    "Nurturing a Community or Going Alone?"

    Leila Ojala, Co-Pastor

  • Mission and community are "where it's at"!

  • We have to ask ourselves...what's going on today with the church? Why all these moral failures?

  • Community is the answer. How can we begin this process in our churches? It is essential.

  • A simple question: "How are things?" is often the key that unlocks the door with people.

  • Most people in the world don't have a problem with Jesus -- they have a problem with Christians and the way we behave.

  • We have to create a safe community.

  • John 13:35

  • If we are dealing with new believers who are dealing with issues such as living together w/out being married, or those considering abortion, we can't just pray for them or encourage them...we have to tangibly help them. (Find a new place to live that is affordable? Help them discover extra income so they can move out. Financially help them with the baby, or offer to watch the child for them at times. Perhaps even adopt their child if necessary!) This is the essence of community.

    All I could say was.....WOW. Awesome, huh?

    I'm headed to another session this time on Transformational Leadership. I'll share the notes with you sometime tonight or tomorrow.


Michele said…
Good Stuff- keep sending the bullets-
Miss you all
You are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to post this.

Anonymous said…
Key to getting beyond disappointments in the church is to rid yourself of all negative people. Only spend time with the positive people...Wow, is that a whole teaching!
I have found this to be true. I had to do it for my health. God actually did speak to me through prophecy and said he will literally surround me with ones who will hold me up in the place he has for me! I am cordial with all but I do not waste my time with ones with a deep-seated resistence to woman who are called or who resist my authority.
It brings me down to be around neg people and at this mid-life stage of life, I need to be around those who celebrate me as opposed to tolerating me or my unique call!
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