Good morning, world...

It's 4:25 in the morning and Larry and I just got home from the TV station not too long ago after doing the show from 12 am - 3 am. We are winding down which is always hard for me after the strong coffee I drink to stay awake and alert during the show.

We prayed for a lot of people tonight and Larry decided to cut one of the songs out that usually play during the show so we could reach more people. I was so glad because it always breaks my heart to see people wait on the line for a long time and then not get through because time runs out. We had to pray very quickly but got through to everybody.

No clue how I'm going to get up tomorrow with this little sleep, but...with God's help I will! It's sorta like when my boys were babies and I never got any sleep and ran on empty. I'm sure the day will feel like that tomorrow in ways, but it was worth it. Love being with my babe beside him in ministry. Nothing like it!


Michele said…
tried staying awake but was so tired- I did catch the first 15 minutes or so.
It was like Pastor Larry knowing I have a had a rough month or something like that- Love you both
Have a great day
Aaron said…
Just wanted to say I love this picture of you two!