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A day in the life

I have some exciting news this week ~ I can't wait to share it, but first I have to call and e-mail a few bff's and tell them personally and not let them read it on my blog. :-) I owe that to my close friends. But just wait, I have great news.

In the meantime, here's the majority of what I did yesterday...

Woke up.

Went in to make sure Jordan was up for school. Bedroom light on. Bathroom light on. His door open. I hear him milling around, assume all is good. I lay back down for some extra zzzz's before getting Savanna up. Big mistake.

Saw Savanna off to school and got ready for work.

Came out to leave for work and noticed Jordan had gone back to bed and was laying there sound asleep. Very frustrated. (Me, not him...) Wanting to wring his neck but I don't want to be late for work. Decided for once to deal with it later.

Went to work. Read some devotional things on the way to work as usual. (Larry drives)

Busted through a ton of work in a few hours. Probably 7 things on the agenda including personally following up on all the visitors from yesterday.

Had a few hour staff meeting over chinese food. Yum. Solidified planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas church events/services.

Went to three stores looking for stuff I need for the women's meeting tonight.

Went home.

Greeted kids..."how was your day,", etc...

Checked messages to answer on home phone.

Repotted plant on back patio.

Pulled some weeds.

Cleaned and swept patio and furniture.

Cleaned kitchen and started supper...spanish chicken, rice, peas, broccoli...

Did load of clothes.

Cleaned out fridge/freezer in garage and wiped down while Larry did the one in the kitchen.

Fixed some picture frames.

Finished writing project I left undone at the office.

Dustin called to ask if he and Casey could come back home for dinner. (They were at the movies on a date.) I said of course.

Ate dinner.

Cleaned kitchen again.

Made White Chocolate Fudge Cake for women's night at my house next day.

Cleaned it all up again.

Bagged trash.

Soaked feet while simultaneously finishing another computer project.

Made Savanna's lunch for school.

Wrote new music chart for song we're introducing Sunday.

Updated choir blog.

Looked through a bunch of special music numbers to think about Sunday's offertory.

Answered five or six e-mails that have been waiting. (Sorry to the rest of you I didn't get to yet.)

Wrote e-mail memo.

Wrote 2 blog posts and read a few daily blogs.

Cleansed face, flossed, brushed teeth, and...

Went to bed at 2 am.

And that, my friends is a pretty typical day in the life of Deanna Shrodes except I didn't get to exercise yesterday and normally I spend more time with the fam. Somehow it all works out ... but now you know why I just have to chuckle inwardly when people repeatedly call me and say, "Hey, got a minute?" My standard answer: "For you, I'll make one!" Or there's the ever popular, "Are you busy right now?" My standard answer: "How can I help you?"


LAURIE said…
Wow...I am simply exhausted after reading that list. In fact I think I need to join Jordan and go back to bed and rest! (ha ha) Hope you have a just as busy of a day today because that means God is blessing you with ministry, blessing you with health, blessing you with His goodness! -Blessings.
Aaron said…
Whew! I'm taking a nap after reading this!
Tara Sloan said…
Da, da, da, da... another full day's adventure in the life of Wonder Deanna!!!!!

You rock!
Melissa Davis said…
After reading that, I have a nick name for you "THE WOMAN W/MANY HANDS". I say this because I often tell the kids, "many hands make light work" - well, I dont have that excuse anymore (lol).

As I've said before, you never cease to amaze me!
Thank you for posting this.....I think more people need to see what goes on in the real life of a pastors wife....and I have to admit, it encouraged me that maybe I can do a little more I just need to find that Super-Woman outfit of yours and wear if for the day! LOL


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