Conversation with my daughter this morning

Pasco County schools are off today so I'm home with my kids. This morning after she woke up my daughter Savanna came in and climbed in bed with me and snuggled up. She said, "Momma, why do you have so many nicknames for us?" I said, "Well, I've heard it said the more nicknames a person has the more you know they're loved. So that's why I give you kids lots of them."

"Well I don't understand some of them. Like, "what's a beeber?"

"I made that up," I said."

She answers, "well what's a teeber?"

"I made that up too," I said.

"Momma, don't you have to get permission from the government to make things up?"

"Well honey, we might if some people have their way..."

Let's hope that no matter who wins this election that FREE ENTERPRISE will continue! May all Americans see the light of the dangers of socialism. Let freedom ring!