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Bullet notes from yesterday's sessions...

I'm up early this morning - way before the first session and have some time, so I do want to share some bullet points from everything except Beth's message (because it's so deep and would take forever to explain right now...) but here are some things we talked about yesterday...

Taking the Plunge or Sidelined by Fear?

Presenter: Robyn Wilkerson, Trinity Church, Miami, FL

  • Poverty begins in the heart.

  • We don't take the plunge because of fear of people and fear of failure.

  • We don't take the plunge because of fear of loss of prestige.

  • To take the plunge, you must DO SOMETHING. Deuteronomy 27:2-5 ("ON THE DAY WHEN YOU CROSS...)

  • You must be willing to compete!

  • You can't wait anymore.

  • The place God is calling you may not be what you envision.

  • Elevate your thinking and you elevate your life.

  • See in the Spirit that which doesn't exist.

  • Cut all griping and emotional breakdowns out.

  • Faith is a substance.

  • God is not ever moved by need, only by faith.

  • Definition of "Abundance" - having all the resources that you need to fulfill the call of God upon your life.

Managing Relationships or Avoiding Conflict?

Presenter: Kate Cory, Chi Alpha Boston

  • Most people are dealing with secret conflicts underneath.

  • There are often long term spiritual and emotional effects.

Honestly, I was mostly listening and didn't take too many notes from this speaker's message, however I took lots of notes at our table discussion. Like I said yesterday I had some heavy hitters at my table - Martha Tennyson (International Evangelist), Marsha Woolley (our district WM director), Sheri Hawley (Co-pastor, Winterhaven, FL), Darlene McCarty (Co-pastor, Memphis, TN & International Evangelist) - not to mention Dawn, my bff! So the incredible stuff that was flying around the table was amazing! Here's some bullet points from our discussion and the name of the person who said it if I can remember:

  • When dealing with conflict, we can't be in fear. When we have fear we won't have a sound mind. We will never make a good decision if we aren't of a sound mind. - Martha

  • The ministry is hard and we have to ask God to continually refresh us. - Marsha

  • Sometimes we are going back and plowing again and re-doing something we've already done. That's hard. But we have to ask God for a fresh anointing because it may be the same plan, but a fresh anointing and that makes all the difference. - Marsha and Martha

  • TIMING is so important! Do the right thing at the right time.

  • We must let the spirit pray through us not just to get the answers but to ask the questions! - Martha

  • Remember, we are created for big purposes and little purposes. Ministering the Word is important but so is reaching out to the hurting woman in the grocery store and speaking into her life. - Marsha

  • Love for God casts out all fear when we are in conflict with someone. - Martha

  • We are never rewarded for results but for obedience. God never says, "well done my resultful servant." - Martha

  • When some people in the church hurt us, we do need to change our relationship - walk away if they are behaving unGodly and will not change. We can have a "friendship" (be friendly, cordial) but not a "relationship." - Darlene

  • When dealing with someone in a conflict in the church ALWAYS have a person with you. Don't meet alone with them, ever. - Darlene

  • The person who has hurt us cannot heal us. Stop waiting for them to do something. - Martha

  • When someone hurts us God does start to heal it and it starts to scab over but we pick at it and keep the wound open. Stop doing that. - Martha

  • Stop rehearsing those who have hurt you and what they've done. Move on.

  • People today who are leaving churches have no idea what they are doing and what will result. When they leave and take someone with them, if that person misses heaven, they will be directly responsible. People never leave alone, they always influence someone who previously had no problem with the pastor or the church. - Martha and Darlene

  • Are you tired of what you think people are getting away with who are critical and in conflict with you in the church or those who have left? Don't worry. You keep mowing the grass and God will get to the root with them. (Mowing the grass = living righteously, doing the right thing.) - Martha

  • Others may choose the path for you at times, but you have a choice of how you will walk it. - Martha

    As you can see we had some great discussion. My hand was writing as fast as it could. I was the group leader, however the ladies at my table were so full of wisdom and knowledge about life and ministry, I normally read the question, and then just sat back and wrote my heart out copying down what they said and then just asked the next question! Their insights were amazing.

    I'll do Beth's message when I have time and give you ladies those bullet points. I know a lot of you who read my blog are in FT ministry and although some of you can't be here (I know there are those of you who really wanted to come but couldn't get away at this time) at least if I can give you my notes you will be blessed by some of the rich insights by way of my notes.

    I'm so looking forward to this morning! Darlene McCarty is our first speaker, followed by Leila Ojala. These are the first two morning sessions but after lunch we have Lori O'Dea, Alicia Chole, and Jodi Detrick. Those of you who are AG will almost certainly know these names but for those who don't, let me say these are incredible women of God and we are in for an amazing treat!


Awesome stuff....keep it coming! Thanks for sharing!
Tara Sloan said…
Good stuff!
Sharon said…
I'll have to come back when I have more time to finish reading. :)
Bless you Deanna! Keep them coming friend. Awesome material.
Anonymous said…
Awesome stuff! I feel so sad not even being there, since I was so involved in the last one - if you see any NCU people there, tell them hello from me, lol - that will totally freak them out ;o).
Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. Another amazing service tonight but I am coming in so late to the hotel room and don't have energy this moment to bullet point Martha's message, or the others (2 other speakers tonight. Will do when I get a chance.

Love you all, wish you were here to share it but I'm trying to give you a taste of it!
Anonymous said…
Very experienced wisdom! I'll have to come back to it to recall it all! I would add that imperative thinking is having unrealistic expectations that only set us up in ministry to be disappointed. Examples: Thinking we will go through life without conflict is imperative thinking.
Thinking that EVERYONE will like us if we are kind. It's imperative thinking: not reality!
Did everyone like Jesus? Did Jesus have conflicts with people?
Secondly, self-talk really matters because as a man thinks in his heart, he'll be! We can't love our neighbor as ourself if we don't have a healthy view of ourselves! Plus, learning a variety of ways to resolve conflict is needed and must be implemented. I was the type all my life to "avoid" conflict and not express my opinion. But God grew me in this through a variety of ways not just in ministry (i.e. almost grabbed by two men, road raged and raising two strong-willed sons) God has a sense of humor!
In all these situations, I had to defend my views and stand firm but remain loving. I learned that you can be in conflict without sinning.
I was always afraid to speak when angry because I'll make the greatest speech I'll ever regret!
So, I do calm myself and time things. Nevertheless, I am learning the importance of solving things before bed! 2as1
Aaron said…
Hey if Martha and Marsha have blogs give us a link. They sound like wisdom banks I'd like to withdraw from:-) These were some really good nuggets that I'll need to ponder on for a while. Thank you for sharing!!! Sounds like you gleaned some wisdom for your own pain too. I am so happy for your victory and growth. The Lord is preparing you to prepare the harvest. You are going to equip others to run the combines and sickles. People that will not falter when the heat is on.

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