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Why don't we have this more often?

Do you ever sit down to dinner with your family and while eating, say something like, "why don't we have this particular meal more often?"

That has happened to me quite a bit and I thought I'd ask my blog readers if it happens to you too.

I’m talking about things you eat at home, not going out to eat. And I’m talking about things your whole family likes. It’s totally understandable why you don’t make something all the time or more often if your family doesn’t like it. Here’s some things we eat on occasion and usually while we are eating and everyone’s raving about it, I’m thinking, “why don’t I fix this more often?”

1) Turkey and dressing - every Thanksgiving I say, “why don’t I make this more?” No, not the entire sha-bang – that would kind of minimize Thanksgiving if we had the whole meal during the year at another time but I am talking just cooking a turkey. I never cook a turkey except on Thanksgiving. And I always wonder, “why?” because we all love turkey.

2) Ham – ditto with Christmas and Easter. Of course I don’t want to replicate Christmas or Easter dinner during the year (it would probably put me in the hospital with exhaustion!) but our ham recipe is absolutely heavenly too. So why don’t we eat it more?

3) Barbeque – We’re c-r-a-z-y about BBQ. We have it when we go out and one of our fav places is Sonny’s or a local jaunt that’s fabulous called Hungry Harry’s, but I rarely make it at home and I always tell myself I am going to make it more in all it’s various forms but I usually don’t.

4) Chili dogs with cheese – One day Cathy (my assistant) mentioned to me that her family eats this all the time for dinner and it’s one of their favorite quick and easy things to fix. It's so simple - you just boil hotdogs, open up a can of hormel chili (I use the kind without beans when we do them this way) and put some shredded cheddar on top. It takes less than 10 minutes to make this. I realized all my family loves it too so I did make it the week she mentioned it to rave reviews, but haven’t made it since.

5) Breakfast for dinner – all of my family loves breakfast of every kind – eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, you name it we love it. And we’ll order it at night at Perkins or Cracker Barrel. But we never think about it at home.

These are just a few…there are more but I just can’t remember them right now. What are some things your family loves but you just never think to make at home?


Cassandra said…
We have breakfast for dinner atleast once a week. Especially on the nights we are just crazy busy. But it is one of those meals that even the picky kid will eat. But ham and turkey....i do the same thing about wondering why we dont eat it more.
Anonymous said…
Funny you should mention chili cheese dogs - we just bought all the stuff for them at the grocery store the other day - we're thinking about them for after church tomorrow. AND we're doing "breakfast for dinner" tonight...LOL!!!!

I am so with you on the turkey - people really should eat it more often - and the leftovers you can make with it (turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey enchiladas, etc) are perfectly acceptable all year round!!!

(Our "why don't we eat this more often?" thing is meatloaf. I don't know why I make it so rarely - my husband loves the stuff...hmm...maybe I'll make some for dinner one night this week!!)
LAURIE said…
We eat breakfast for dinner often also, my oldest son always thought it was strange but now that he does not live at home we do it more often.

Meatloaf - my family says I make the best but yet I rarely make it except maybe 3x a year.

My favorite thing my family says "we should have this more often" is when I make some grand dessert for a shower or a meal at the church and my kids always say "you never make that for us!" and I say to them "you can have what's left" and they always say, "aww Mom - there won't be any left".

I NEED to make dessert more often I guess....
Melissa Davis said…
My husband and kids love grits and they would like for me to cook them for dinner although they have them for breakfast at least twice a week, Turkey and stuffing, grilled cheese and tomato soup, mashed potatoes and meatloaf, ham, sweet potatoe pie, sweet potato bread and my colorful layered christmas cake.

There are more but these are the most complained about. I think we will have a Thanksgiving Dining before this month is out (not everything but at least the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and greens)and maybe a sweet potatoe pie, just maybe - lol
Unknown said…
Ah "Brinner", Breakfast for dinner is what my husband calls it. We definitely don't do it enough and every time we do we always look at each other like we are crazy for not doing it more often.

Who wouldn't want blueberry waffles for dinner?

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