We're off and running!

To an incredible Unstoppable! Man, I'm in heaven!

Fantastic opening night...

So much love in the place... hey check out this picture of me above with Melissa from Illinois, (The Diaperheads blog) and Jessica, from Oklahoma City.

Tara's sitting here beside me and says, "tell them it's FABULOUS!!!"

And we've just begun...this was only opening night. The best is yet to come.

I'm meeting so many people I've never met face to face -- from pastoring partners message board & blogging friends. I was so excited to meet Jessica, Carrie, Melissa and another Jessica, face to face!!!

There's so much I could say right now, but...I'm not going to because, it's like this -- Tara and I have this suite all to ourselves and we are talking ourselves senseless...and that a lotta talking because you know, we're two women with a ton of sense. :-) lol

Just posting a few pics that Savanna took tonight.
Gotta run...having much fun right now discussing everything in the world with Tara .