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Wherever we go, whatever we do,we're gonna go through it together.
We may not go far, but sure as a star, wherever we are, it's together.
Wherever I go I know he goes.Wherever I go I know she goes.
No fits, no fights, no feuds and no egos, amigos, together!
Through thick and through thin, all out or all in
And whether it's win, place or show.
With you for me and me for you, we'll muddle through whatever we do.
Together, wherever we go.

Jule Styne & Stephen Sondheim

The lyrics above are from the song "Together Wherever We Go". It's from the musical Gypsy, and I sang it in high school way back in the day. :-) Good times.

One thing that has always been really important to me in my closest friendships is loyalty. Those who are my covenant friends can tell you I'm fiercely loyal to the core. Recently several situations have occurred that have tested the strength of those relationships and I'm happy to say they've come out strong with flying colors! Not only have the relationships proved true, and risen to the occasion in strength, but I believe God has even brought new ministry about as a result. One of my closest covenant friends, Pastor Tara Sloan, and I have even decided to write a book about it!

In I Samuel 18 we see perhaps the greatest biblical example of covenant relationship. Verses 1 & 3 say: "Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself...And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. "

These men were the greatest bff's who ever lived, but Tara and I are trying to become a close second. :-) What Jonathan and David experienced was a kindred spirit relationship on steriods. (lol) They were cut of of the same cloth ~ two peas in a pod ~ or "eating out of the same box of Cheerios" as I like to call it. When the Bible speaks of their relationship one meaning of the Hebrew words "one in spirit" means, "their hearts were tied together." Does that sound absolutely beautiful OR WHAT?

Understand that God makes covenants because He himself is a covenant. Covenants are not just agreements or contracts, but they are a work of the Holy Ghost in bringing people together for the purposes of God.

I am very much looking forward to Tara and I delving into the writing of our book on a deeper level, however for now I just want to ask all my blogging friends to please lift her up in prayer. She's going through one of the greatest tests of her life ~ one that she doesn't deserve, one that Craig doesn't deserve, one their precious girls don't deserve. But just as with Job, "when they are tested, they shall come forth as gold."

The Sloans are among the most integral and anointed ministers I know. I believe they are one of the greatest prophetic voices in the church today. The enemy is very threatened by them. The trial by fire that they are under is nothing but an attack but it is about to catapult them into the greatest season of their ministry that they've ever known! God is about to release them into the new "spacious" place...the large place He has for them beyond their comprehension! Right now however they are in the midst of paying the price for that next level God is about to lead them into. Keep in mind the first half of the word breakthrough is break, and the first half of the word testimony is test! Unfortunately we have to go through breaks and tests to get to the victory! The Sloans are on schedule for it. Victory is in store because the Word promises that to the upright. Let me tell you, those of you who know the Sloans can testify that they are among God's choicest servants.

They can use prayer at this time in a great way. Please uplift them daily in your prayers until the breakthrough manifests. Many of you in my network have received a personal e-mail from me with more details. If you are in that group and for some reason the e-mail escaped you, send me an email and I'll get it to you asap. I want to thank you for personally, specifically and strategically interceding. But for ANYONE reading this today, whether you know them or not, would you please right now, lift up my dear friends, the Sloans? Thank you for joining me in fasting and prayer as we defeat the enemy and pray the Sloans right into the spacious place God has for them.


LAURIE said…
What a wonderful reminder today that we need to surround ourselves with friends that will "stick closer than a brother" - I believe, even though I have never met you or Tara, but through your fond writings of her and your friendship -that this relationship the two of you have is one of those that "sticks closer than a brother". WOW - what a treasure!

I have been praying for the Sloans and their situation. Some time ago, I wrote a post on my blog entitled, "When the cloud moves" and many times our cloud moves (our situation changes) but we must always remember that God did not move, just the cloud. God remains in the Cloud. Covering us. Sheltering us.

Many blessings to you - Laurie
Tara Sloan said…
Thank you... this means so much. We feel your prayers and cannot wait to share the victory and favor of God that is coming from this!

I love you!
Anonymous said…
Way to rock the showtunes in this post! Although when I think of "Gypsy," the song that usually comes to my mind is "Gotta Get a Gimmick." But that's just me, lol!

Keeping the Sloans in my prayers...keeping you and Larry in my prayers. Check out my blog from today - my family could use a few prayers sent up on our behalf today, too :o).

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