Tara was off the chain tonight...

Man, oh man.

Tara Sloan flowed in the prophetic amazingly tonight. God showed up in the place! Right now it's already 1:30 on Saturday morning and we're just getting settled in our room. After an incredible service we went to the hotel restaurant with a WHOLE LOT of women and ate together and laughed uproariously for HOURS. It was SO much fun. It was amazing for all of the people to be together who have only known one another on line, and for many who do know each other in person to connect. I have so much more to tell but have to go over my notes one more time for in the morning and Tara is reminding me of how anal retentive I am... (lol) She gets so amused with my compulsive tendencies to have everything planned. :-) Will blog more when I get home tomorrow.