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Oh what a beautiful morning,
oh what a beautiful day...

We had a wonderful morning today! It started out with us meeting Greg & Kerry Todd for breakfast at First Watch. (They are pictured here with their children, Adryana and Arjay, and they have another child on the way!) The thing I love most in ministry is spending time with people, just bonding in relationship. As anybody who reads my blog for more than five minutes knows, I have a ton of administrative and written work to do, but getting out and being with people is what I do love most.

This morning we met them and shared a delicious meal and talked about all kinds of things, with the high point being Greg's coaching Larry. Greg is a physical therapist who owns and operates his own clinic, Renewal Rehabilitation, where he works with professional atheletes and just regular people as well, doing physical therapy and rehabiliation. And in addition, he is a serious runner who participates in many races throughout the year. I mean, sometimes he runs 18 miles or more a day. Pretty amazing. His blog that highlights his running accomplishments is here and many of you may have already checked it out on my blogroll. Anyway... my husband is beginning training to run a race and hopefully eventually a marathon or a triathalon. He and Greg are going to run the upcoming Gasparilla race together which is a 5K. Larry began running today! He used to be captain of his track team in high school so this is something he's done before and loves to do, he just needs to get back in shape and Greg is going to guide him.

It was nice just talking with Kerry and having "face to face" time. As she works a lot with the pre-school kids at church, she is often not in the sanctuary and even when she is, we just don't connect a lot because after church I'm greeting the first time guests. We catch up on each other's blogs, but it was so nice to talk in person!!

After breakfast we went over to Greg's rehab center and took a tour. It's really awesome. We are really thankful for the Todd's, in personal relationship with us, and as members of our church...they are an amazing couple who are raising an amazing family.

I had a lot of written work today when our breakfast meeting was over. I finished my Wednesday night message and power point presentation, my Sunday teaching and a bunch of other stuff. Getting two teachings done in one day is quite a bit of work as I put a lot into them.'s what I love to do most. So to me, it's not work -- it's LIFE!

When I got home tonight I gave Savanna a piano lesson (she's doing great!). By the way, I am giving a limited amount of beginner piano lessons right now, in case you live in the Tampa Bay area and happen to have interest. I specialize in teaching beginners, and also how to play for church and give an incredibly discounted rate. If you are interested, check with me quickly because I'm only doing a few hours a week.

I went for a bike ride after Savanna's lesson. What a beautiful night. The whole time I was riding I was praying scriptures that are close to my heart while I saw the most beautiful sunset.

My life has it's challenges right now, but I thank God for every single blessing that is also in my life or coming my way. I'm climbing the mountain but soon I'm going to stand on it!


You certainly will stand on the mountain Deanna because you are truly an overcomer!

Blessings my friend!
Unknown said…
Thanks PD. We appreaciate you & Pastor Larry too. We had a good time chatting with you two and hope to do it again. It was definitely nice getting some face-to-face time. I will be praying for Pastor Larry and his running. On another note, the paino lessons sound great. I have thought about it for Adryana. Of course she's only 5 so I would be willing to wait but definitely interested if you feel she could be a candidate.

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