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Don't ever call me overly emotional
because I'm a Pentecostal!

Emotional Hippies - Crying Over Dead Trees - Watch more free videos

This video is going to absolutely blow your mind. All I have to say is, the emotion we show on behalf of a God who saved, healed and delivered us totally makes sense...while some tree hugging hippies are crying over...a tree that has been cut down?

Does anyone else see how absolutely screwed up some people's thinking is in this world? And that some of their weird logic is actually listened to by educators, politicians, and just everyday people? My daughter has come home from school talking about how we must "save the trees." I've GOT to have a talk with that girl! I see how this 'save the whales, save the trees' really is affecting some of our kids, and meanwhile we are not focused on the most important thing which is helping human lives. There are so many needy people in this world. God doesn't want me crying out for a tree, when there are lost, hungry and hurting people!

We are told in Genesis 1 that God said to man “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Gen. 1:28).

This means that yes, man and woman do have dominion over animals -- and trees! This command was first given to Adam and Eve and was to be the for the whole human race (Psalms 8:6-8). The world WAS designed for us to have place over animals and plants. We are not the same -- because we are made in God's image and plants and animals are not.

What really gets me is that these people are so emotionally whipped up and spending their time on this, when a loving God wants so much for them to cry out to Him and spend their lives for His purposes.

What a waste.


Cassandra said…
Wow....I'm like....uh....WOW. Sheesh. I'm speechless.....
Suz said…
I'm a new reader and I am enjoying your blog often. Thanks for posting.

Seems to me that the whole world is crazy out of touch with what is truly important. People.

But then whole world usually is out of step with what the Lord deems important. I pray the Lord helps me to always recognize what is truly on His heart.

God bless you, Pastor Deanna.
Melissa said…
WHAT??? Are you kidding me?! Where did you find this video...I am completely speechless...its sad that they are so emotional about a tree. It's actually kinda funny, sad but funny.
Tara Sloan said…
All I can say is... it is a mighty good thing you didn't have that when we were giddy out of our minds from sleeplessness... I am not sure what it might have provoked... especially on Friday night! We would have been in an uncontrollable heap on the floor...
Suz...welcome! I'm glad you're here.

Melissa...I got it from another blog but it's available on YouTube...'re so right.
Anonymous said…
Okay, besides the fact that clearcutting is NECESSARY for the well-being of a forest (no clearcutting = a bunch of dead trees and brush = forest fires = NO trees!!!)...what the heck?!?!?

"We love you, trees...we miss you..."

I need to call the producers of "The Soup" with this one...LOL!!!!
DaNella Auten said…
guffaw!!!!!! can u still hear me laughing?? Oh My Goodness. We need to send this to Al Gore did you see him in the background counting his money?

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