Did you hear me?

Hey friends! I said "Covenant" in the first couple sentences! Hope you were listening, but actually I slid the word in there four times. :-)

Just wanted you to know I was really thinking of you who are my regular readers and friends.

Larry and I got home at approximately 5 am. I was wide awake when we were done the show at 3 am because I had so much strong coffee during the show. lol Seriously. We were starving when we got done and did something we haven't done in a long time...years, in fact...we went out to an all night place for breakfast. Fun! We used to do that all the time before the kids were born, and we've done it once or twice since they've been born, but it brings back great memories of when we used to burn the midnight oil working at the church office and sometimes we'd look up and realize, "hey, it's 3 am" and we'd go somewhere for breakfast. That was in the first two years of our marriage before Dustin was born and we were youth pastoring.

No sooner did I got to sleep this morning (5 am) did I have to get Jordan up for school at 6, and then I have to get Savanna up at 7 am. It was a hard morning, but worth it. I had so much fun being with Larry and I love it when we work that closely together. So many times over the years in the church we have gotten busy on our own projects (because circumstances in the church have necessitated it) and at times we are in different areas of the building or in separate meetings for a majority of the time. I miss the times when we work together and flow together and we both just love every opportunity when we can partner together up close and personal.

I went to sleep at 7:20 after getting Savanna off to school til' about 11:20 and I'm working now. Larry went in to the office this morning but since I was done everything I have to do at the office on site and can work remotely today, I chose to do so. Computers have revolutionized the working world, praise God!

Last night our "code word" was covenant. Speaking of that, my greatest covenant friend is Tara Sloan. Many of you know that, and we are even writing a book on that subject. She has been there for me these past months as I have been going through some dark times. I cannot get into the details yet (I'm sure she will during days or a few weeks to come on her blog) but I want to ask all of you who are in relationship with her to please bombard heaven for her at this time. Something major has happened in her family's life and they need a miracle. The Sloan's are among the most integral and Godly people I know. I trust them with my life. They have been there for me in the ups and downs of life for over 10 years now. It's my joy, my honor to stand with them at this time and always. Details are not necessary right now - just join me in fasting and prayer for a breakthrough. My heart is burdened for her so much and I got the opportunity to talk to her this morning for a while and although it was good, I wanted to hop on a plane. She's told me so many times when I've been discouraged how she's just felt like she was going to burst and longed to fly to me and personally encourage me face to face. That's what I long to do for her today but can't. But I ask all of you to join with me...send the prayers up to heaven on behalf of my covenant friend.

And Tara, I know you are reading this because you read every single blessed thing that I write! So I'll just say this...as Craig has reminded me of so many times, now I remind you, "DON'T DOUBT IN THE DARKNESS WHAT GOD HAS SAID IN THE LIGHT!" I love you.


Melissa said…
YES! YES! YES! YES! and YES! I caught that covenant code! In fact I started laughing...Sean was like what's so funny! I had to explain. I even said a little pray for you when you said it! How awesome that program is! SO many people dealing with discouragement as well as other things. It seems that is the biggest attack satan is throwing at people discouragement and confusion! I enjoyed watching you two flow together so perfectly! SO cool! I stayed up till the last 30 mins. I had to go sit with a sick child...thankfully he is better this am but we kept him home from school. We will be praying for Tara and her family! I really am getting tired of satans attacks against our family and our friends! We must be making him shake in his little boots!
DaNella Auten said…
I thought about you last night, I missed your tv show, but it was for a good reason... Praise team bonding. Me and two of the ladies on my praise team went to Starbucks right after Praise and Worship Pratice. It was so cool, as we were about to leave, Edie looked at me and and said, "Wow, I could have never had this conversation with my last pastor's wife, and I knew her for 18 years, I've only known you for 6 months.

Thank you for all of your prayers for me during my time at our first church, and in the year it took for us to recover.

Love ya,
Melissa Davis said…
I did get to watch some of the show before sleep called - and yes I heart the word "COVENANT". After hearing it I immediately prayed for you and Pastor Larry in return.

You guys do such an awesome job, Television becomes you! I think I better get my autograph now - smile

I will definately join in on fasting and praying for Pastor Tara.

Lots of love, Melissa