Celebrities who think they
should run the country *sigh*

This is THE funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I was ROFL when Larry showed me this. You are going to absolutely love it, no matter who you are voting for. I get so sick of it when celebrities (whether Republican or Democrat or Independent) try to act like they are some kind of authority (more so than any of the rest of us) on what should happen with our country! **sigh**

Barbra Streisand (who this video is about) said she would move out of the country if George Bush got re-elected. What I want to know is, why is she still here? Several people I know personally would have even helped her pack the moving truck.


Melissa said…
Oh my gosh... I have never laughed so hard! Thank you for that one I definately needed the laugh after the week we have personally had with our son!
Anonymous said…
I don't even like Babs' voice all that much...so I really don't think we'd be missing much if she left the country, lol!!