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What To Do First to Make a Profit

The PF Women Team at our Annual Team Retreat  ~ 2018 Today on Seth Godin's blog, he said: It's tempting to decide to make a profit first, then invest in training, people, facilities, promotion, customer service and most of all, doing important work. In general, though, it goes the other way. Yes, it does. If you are waiting to make a profit before you do these things, in my experience you're  not going to make a profit. So many organizations, ministries and churches are struggling with financial issues. I know your pain. As anyone who follows our story knows, our ministry was in a ton of debt four years ago when I came on as director.  Since that time, we've gotten out of debt and turned a profit every year.  God has done amazing things through out team, for which we give Him the glory! I find that what Seth is saying here is absolutely true, with one disclaimer. For Christian leaders, spiritual disciplines must always be first. Before we started inve

What do you wish we still had?

Calm down. That's not me. I know, I know...some of you mistakely thought that was me in high school. You thought I posted a risque photo of myself, back from the days when I still had brown hair. But it's really Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. Take a deep breath. Relax. It's an honest mistake. Really. ROFL...

Okay seriously...

some of you are probably ready for me to post something zany. You've been been reading my blogs the past few weeks, envisioning an intervention, saying, "C'mon Deanna...put the razor blades away..." No worries. My sister would come down immediately from Baltimore and kick my rear and and say, "don't ever try anything like that again or I'll half kill you..." (LOL) And believe me folks, you'd rather be dead than make my sister mad. Well it's apparent, I've been dealing with depression. But, much like David in the Psalms, who was also very depressed (only he didn't have any Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie ice cream in addition to his harp and songs) I am finding strength and grace for each day in the Lord. And having my friends encourage me has also been my saving grace. Yesterday it was my friend Joy Conley who saved me from destruction. I'd be lost without my friends and that's just a fact. I'd be lost without them even in normal times but right now while my brain is on a haitus, they are basically functioning for me in many situations and picking up pieces of things I've dropped by the wayside that months ago would have never slipped through the cracks if my life depended on it.

We had a great night in church Wednesday night and fusion groups have grown to the point where I need an additional leader immediately. Good problem to have. Okay, so I'm sitting here listening to "Healer" two more times before I go to bed, (okay, three) but figured I'd write something's about time, so here we go...

Five things I wish we still had in 2008

1) Flashdance shirts. (Yeah, that Jennifer Beals photo was up there for an actual wasn't just some gratuitious photo. Sheesh, have more faith in me than that!) Back to Flashdance shirts...I liked them. They were comfy not to mention just a tad bit sexy without going immodest or overboard. I mean really, how bad can they be? They don't even show any cleavage, just a little bit of shoulder action. I remember getting one back in 1983 when I was a high school junior, and wearing it up on my shoulders in the morning when I left for school but pulling the one shoulder down once I got there, as well as applying my makeup. My flashdance shirt was pink. I wore it with big white and pink earrings. Everyone from my church was convinced I was going to hell. Good times.

2) "Singspirations" in church. Yep, I loved those too. It was like our own small church version of the Gaither Homecoming. At our church somebody always pulled out an accordian, and sometimes even two people would bring them out . That really put it over the top. :-) Note if you are going to do an accordian solo (if you ever decide to strike out on your own and attempt one) it would be best to pick a song like "Power in the Blood" or "Jesus Hold My Hand."

3) Toga parties. I think they're fun but haven't heard of anybody having them lately. I attended one in high school. I know, I know. You're shocked that the same girl who participated in Singspirations at a church with accordians also went to toga parties. Don't ask. It's a long story. It takes more than a blog post to explain my dysfunctional history to you.

4) Full service gas stations. (But at no extra cost!) I hate, hate, hate pumping gas. Especially when I'm dressed up. Always have, always will. Larry used to get peeved at me when we first got married for going through full serve every time even thought we were too poor to pay attention. I said, "Look, it's like this. You either be the gas pumper in this marriage, or I go through the full serve every time." He did very well with that first phase of training and I pumped very little to no gas for many years of our marriage until full serve became pretty much non-existent. I have to think of something else to get out of pumping gas now.

5) Cherry pies at McDonalds. I know they have them in very select places, like the McDonalds in the itty bitty town of Richlands, VA. However at 99% of McD's they don't have them. I know they have apple, but I'm not an apple fan - whether dealing with food or computers. When I find a McD's that has cherry pies I eat several of them at a time to make up for the fact that I can never have them. Yes, I eat a few in a row, and then I end up feeling totally bloated. Bad idea. Don't eat double or triple of something even if you usually can't get it. It just makes you feel like your jeans are cutting off your circulation and this is really bad if you aren't close to home where you can quickly put on your stretchy sweatpants or pajama bottoms.

What do you wish we still had?

p.s. Jordan is in North Carolina at Fine Arts...just did his drum solo and short sermon today. He called us several times. We miss him. He'll be home Saturday.


Sharon said…
Huh, didn't know that about McD's Cherry pies. I know I had one within the last year. Now I'm curious. If I remember I'll be looking for those pies when I go to one! ;)
Anonymous said…

Remember back in kindergarten, in the middle of the day, when the teacher would announce that it was time for a nap? We'd all grab our little rugs from our cubbies, spread them out on the floor, and just lie down for 15 minutes.

Those were the days...If I'd known at age 5 that someday I'd really miss the mid-day nap, I would have taken more advantage of it!!!!
I'm with you - I wish naps would be fashionable for adults too. On my day off or my day to work from home, I usually take one and I am much more productive, actually. Just a 20 minute power nap helps me so much but it's rarely possible.

Look for the cherry pies, Sharon - you find them mostly at smaller McDonalds in small towns. They are hot like the apple ones, and soooo yummy! Cherry pie is my favorite fruit pie, then I love Perkins banana cream pie, and also chocolate pie. I just love pie in general...don't you?
Tara Sloan said…
I am SO with you on the Full Service Gas Stations!!!! Pumping gas is just not ladylike in my opinion!
DaNella Auten said…
I think I miss Sun Drops... such a lovely exotic name... and reminds me of my grandmother, in UCLA... Upper Corner of Lower Alabama.

I miss big hair too. I was good at styling that... I'll have to post a pic.
Melissa said…
Most definately agree on the McD's cherry pies. I remember those were a HUGE treat for us when I was growing up. Wonder why they got rid of them in so many places? I miss the wax soda bottles, the one where you bite the top off drink the liquid in side and then we would chew the wax and make teeth molds when I was a kid.
Angie said…
HEY...We still do Singspirations at GT! We do 'em once or twice a year on a 5th Sunday night...the last one we had was the last Sunday night of December '07. And...whoa, folks come out of the woodwork to sing...but it's all in good fun to Praise the Lord. Caleb did 3 songs that night. It's a great way to get our young people in front of the congregation :)
Ahhh...Singspirations. I do love them. Maybe some night when I don't have church I'll come to one at yours. Seriously. I'd love it!

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