What am I sensing?

"We must get to the place where we get our joy from obedience."
R.T. Kendall

This is a big lesson God is teaching me right now.

Do it when you don't feel it.

Do it when you don't hear anything.

Do it when your heart is breaking.

Do it when you're in the middle of the desert, living off of periodic streams.

Do it even when you think you can't anymore.

Just do it and take joy that you're doing what He's told you to do.

And make sure you do it with a few friends, otherwise it's the loneliest place in the world to be.


Aaron said…
Just letting you know I prayed for you this morning. I saw you being comforted with a blanket wrapping you in love and protection, taking away every anxiety, feeling of uncomfort, and loneliness.
Thank you Aaron...your prayers and your caring means more than words can say.

Much love, Deanna