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Surprise at Carrabbas

Larry told me to be ready to go to dinner tonight and said we'd be going on a date by ourselves. After resting, reading, watching a movie and blogging - I settled in for a bubble bath with "moonlight path" and got ready to go out to dinner.

We went to Carrabbas which is my favorite restaurant. Once we got there and approached the doors I noticed a bunch of people....all of whom I recognized, clapping...

Tom & Cathy, Pastor Trinity and Misty, Michele, Sue, Susan, Lisa (Bernie was in Melbourne tonight) and Bill. What a night! So awesome, with those I love so dear. We shared some wonderful food and even better conversation. I had my usual meal of House Salad, Spiedino DiMare, Rigatoni with Tomato Cream Sauce, and Sogno Di Cioccolata. Yum!!! I have been to Carrabbas many, many, many (did I say many?) times and tasted most things on the menu but hands down this is my favorite meal and nobody I've ever recommended it to hasn't had the same reaction of falling in love with it! (I think I have Pastor T hooked on it now, too!)

We had such a good time sharing around the table...I never fail to have the most interesting conversations with those gathered tonight and maybe that's why I love being around them so much...well, at least one of the reasons.

I received some beautiful cards with words from the heart that meant so much...also a new pink bag from Cathy to carry my work stuff (the first one I've had in my entire ministry/career that has actually held ALL of my stuff I lug around!!) She couldn't wait til my birthday to give it to me so she gave it to me Sunday night and I've been loving it. I also got a lovely silver necklace and earrings from T & Misty and a very special gift from Bill. He's truly one of the most thoughtful men I know and such a special gift giver who puts such planning and thought behind what he gives to anyone....he gave me the DVD of Sense and Sensibility, and several boxes of varieties of teas. I immediately thought, "I need to have a girls night soon where we watch the movie."

One of the best things about the evening was coming home to find Dustin and Casey, and Jordan cleaning the house. They were getting everything in order in the common areas of the house. They had been at our house along with the Savanna and the Currie girls, watching movies and eating dinner and then cleaned up their mess. PERFECT!

Only thing left to do tonight to cap off a perfect birthday is snuggle up with Teeb and thank him for his thoughtfulness and such a wonderful day/night. I have to admit, I was dreading today. Not because I'm getting older, but because celebrating family birthdays is important to me, and a special time. The past few weeks I have been going through so much, and with all that my thought was, "why does my birthday have to happen at a time like this? Can't we just table it for a while? Come back to it later?" I knew that wouldn't happen so I was wondering what in the world would happen today. It was my day off as well so I thought maybe I would just lay in bed and cry in between watching a few movies, reading the Word and listening to "Healer" by Planetshakers for the 4,284 time. Instead, both God and Teeb had different plans. What a beautiful day. Thank you Jesus...and thank you Larry.


DaNella Auten said…
awww Happy Birthday! Sounds so trite as I prepare in my head to type this, but I guess it is "Trite and True"... awful pun, but here goes,

"God has a plan, and you're in it!"

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