Fay was a wimp

But I'm glad! The storm was...not even a storm. It was merely a threat to us, which did not materialize. think about that spiritually...how often does the devil threaten and scare us with impending storms and they don't ever manifest?

I realize some spiritual/physical/emotional/financial storms do happen. (I've been in one recently...and I'm still there...) But there are just as storms that we worry about that don't ever come to pass! And I've wrung my hands and stayed awake at night over many of them that I never needed to give any attention to and wasted a lot of my valuable energy. I'm learning that even in a bona-fide storm that really does occur, worrying doesn't help anyway. In fact it saps energy we need to get through. We can't just ignore the storm if it comes, but allowing fear to consume us is not the course of action needed.

This morning I got up, put dinner in the crock pot, made Savanna french toast and went to the store right away. We were out of bread and a few other things (it happens so quickly in our household) and I still thought the storm was on the way and didn't want us to be out of anything. I hurriedly went to Sweet Bay and got the items I needed.

I came home and started doing all my church work and a few writing assignments and kept waiting for the downpour. Still not a drop... and mid-day Savanna asked if she could have a friend over, so I said yes. They played in her room and even played tag outside for a while and we didn't so much as have a rain drop.

Larry is really out of commission with his leg injury, and can't even drive, so I found myself making several trips today - to get him a wrap for his leg, to take Jordan to and from work, and finishing up my work. I got a lot done of course, because I'm...home. It feels good to have several projects off my back. Larry has been in bed all day with his leg up and tomorrow Adam has some crutches for him to use to get around. Meanwhile I'm getting some extra exercise waiting on him for everything. (more than usual, lol!)

Right now Tara and I are working on a tag team message for Unstoppable and I am so incredibly excited about it I could screeeeeammmm!!! I think she's just as excited about it. It will be our first one we've ever done together.

I'm very excited about that, and I'm also excited about our Fusion service tomorrow night. I've got such a word to unleash, and music and media that God has given me to enhance it and...I am just beside myself with expectation!!


Cassandra said…
you never cease to amaze me with everything you get done. You really should give lessons and share the organizing skillz!
I have taught classes on that, honestly Cassandra and I can give you some notes, but you know what??

I have to be completely honest with you. Right at this moment I feel EXHAUSTED. Extremely weary beyond measure, and although I have gotten things done, everything is still not done. My dining room table is piled up with clean clothes that aren't folded yet. The second bathroom is dirty. I have soggy newspapers sitting in my entry way. And I was taking the trash out to my garage and had to step over a bunch of junk to get to the can.

Seriously, don't put me on a pedastal with this...I have issues just like you do and right now I wouldn't wish this tired feeling I have on anybody. Getting things done comes with a price that I sometimes really don't like to pay and just wish I had a few days off from it.

Love you...you're doing great girl...just keep going and doing what you do. You've got it going on more than you think you do.
Unknown said…
I agree that you cannot borrow trouble from tomorrow's problems. Sometimes we worry about our bad circumstances and get upset about it only to later find out that it was happening for a reason and was a blessing in disguise.