Where we spent yesterday...

We went with Kim and the family to John's Pass and Clearwater Beach. After floating on a noodle for hours and playing in the sand, we went to eat at a phenomenal seafood buffet called Shephard's. So good. I ate crab legs until I couldn't eat one bite more.

Here's Dustin's heart he made in the sand for Casey. She was supposed to come yesterday but she got sick. (We missed you, Casey!)

Here's where I spent lots of the day...in a chair, scrunching my toes in the sand...just what I needed...beach therapy.

Started out raining this morning but by the time we got to the beach it was so beautiful. Did I mention how much I needed this day? Thank you, Jesus.

There is nothing I love more, especially when admist a stressful time, to be at Clearwater at sunset, floating on my noodle...

We got home tonight and Larry said, "we need to do that more...on our day off." Mmmmhmmm. I agree.

Thanks to all of you who are continuing to pray...I love you all.

I saw a little sign in a shop today at the beach. It said, "I don't just believe in miracles, I'm counting on them." My feelings exactly! In the same shop they had a little box for prayer requests. I wrote mine on there and dropped it in the box.

If you've sent me an e-mail, I'm behind on answering them with taking some vacation days, but please know I've read them and I'm encouraged. I'll answer asap. Please know, you make a huge difference.



Blessings and hugs!
Unknown said…
I'm glad you got some "beach therapy". Wish I was there with you too. In any case, God has his arms wrapped around you and I'm sure he has many blessings for you!Still praying for you...