Sunday wrap up

Busy day and I'm so drained right now.

Amidst all the cleaning we're still doing, we had a super full Sunday schedule as usual. It began early like it does every week. I got up as I usually do while all is still pitch black and put on some hazelnut coffee which is my saving grace first thing every Sunday morning. :-)

Several last minute call outs/sicknesses, etc. to deal with this morning and I told the team, "we've got to leap several tall buildings in a single bound this morning, but I'm used to this, so come hang on for the ride..." and they did. It actually went incredibly smooth for all that happening. I was rather amazed!

Went right from church to a meeting with my women's leaders over lunch and we had a good time as usual. Just charting stuff for the next few months and expecting God to do some significant things.

I came home, slept for 30 minutes, then got up and freshed up for our couples barbeque that we had tonight. It was really fun! Great food and even better fun!

I'm tired, with an incredibly busy day before me tomorrow. I think I'm going to sleep well tonight. It just started pouring down rain and I love to sleep at moments like this when I can hear the rain.

Thank you Lord, for small blessings...they are significant to me.