Re-cap of the day yesterday & some pics

Yesterday and today the family spent time at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. A good time was had by all who went.

Parks are not my thing anymore ~ and thankfully my kids are all old enough now to not care if I go or not. :-) (Bad part of that is...they are growing up! Fast!) Anyway, I had a quiet day just cleaning up around the house a bit and resting, which has been sorely needed in my life more than anything. I need to get a little stricter about my days off, upcoming, if possible because I can see that my body/mind needs them more than ever. And that means days off where I don't necessarily go anywhere or do anything, but just a day to seriously rest. I've just been at a real breaking point...

Special thanks to those of you who posted a comment or emailed me personally. You're amazing. I have been so bouyed by what all of you have shared. When I haven't had enough faith for myself, friends have loaned me enough of theirs to get by. It's that whole I Thessalonians 3:10 thing again! ("Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith.") That one friend has called a worldwide prayer meeting, another was standing proxy for me with her husband at their altar on Sunday morning, one prayed all day from 6 am the other day, many have said, "we won't let up til' we see victory", wow, wow, wow, I feel so surrounded.

Craig Sloan said a promotion was going to come from this. I believe it with all my heart. Please keep praying for me, for us, as it comes to mind. We're not at the point of breakthrough - circumstances all still the same, but my faith is being strengthened daily by reading the Word, speaking what it says over our situation, praying, worshipping and being surrounded by amazing people like many of you who read this blog.

By the way, got the photos from our weekend away at Go Girl Conference...Lourdes gave them to me tonight at church and I thought I'd post a few here. Above you will see our life coachers (not all of them, just some) who went for the weekend ~ left to right, Kim, Susan, Tina, Michele, Cathy, Liane, Yours Truly and Lourdes. Also here's a photo of the team of speakers for the weekend: Pastor Andrea Fruscella, Marsha Woolley, me, and Dr. Debbi Dunlap.

Had a good night last night at church...we got to sharing about the goodness of the Lord in the sanctuary, started testifying, building one another's was great. I love Jesus and I love our people.

By the way, when you get back from the Mouse House, Michele, just know how much I missed you last night in the sanctuary. :-)


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Blessings and many hugs!