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Nails n' getting stuff done

That's what I'm doing today. Last night we had a nice dinner with the Watson's and it was great conversation as usual. I got to bed late but had to get up this morning (no sleeping in) because I had made an nail appointment. I usually never go on Saturdays - the shop is too crowded and I don't like it. But I had to make an appointment because yesterday as I was cleaning one of my acrylic overlays popped off. Gosh that was painful! This doesn't happen easily by the way, at least with me. I have real nails and just get acrylic on top and fills every few weeks. Acrylic doesn't just pop off, and I've needed a new set for over 6 months now, but it's like this...

1) I'm a busy person and I generally don't have time to sit there while they take them off and put them back on. It takes much longer to do a full set.

2) It costs more to get a new set than a fill. (Only $8 more at my salon, but heck, in this economy $8 is nothing to sneeze at!)

3) I hate the pain. I've actually taken a pain killer on the morning I go to get my set changed. No kidding.

I'm the same person that once asked for an anesthetic block when I got my eyebrows waxed. (LOL!) Seriously, I took aspirin for that too. But I don't get them waxed anymore, I save my money and just do them myself each day when I get out of the shower. Isn't it amazing how much beauty stuff is really uncomfortable? Plucking, waxing, yeech! I don't like either. As far as acrylic, you are supposed to pull the old off every 3 months but for reasons of time, money, and pain, I wait. And then Lisa and Tony (owners of my nail shop) and Mai (another nail tech) scold me...

"Deeeena...yoo shoooent dooo daht. Yooo get eeenfecshon..."

Yes, yes, yes. I know. I've even gotten an infection once already, and heard about it profusely from the three of them. But they don't care about the time or money it takes me... however, fortunately they do seem to care about he pain. Today I told Lisa, "I'm just sayin, there's not many things I hate to go through that getting the acrylic's so painful to me...I wish I never had to go through it..." and she patted me like she could tell how much it bothers me even though I have never complained before. I noticed she was extra gentle today when taking them off. They were off so quickly and easily compared to the past. She seemed to be more creative in getting them off. Maybe I should have tried that tactic sooner? Oh well, new set is on and the popping and peeling has stopped. Some of you wonder how I had three babies when I don't even like the pain of getting nail acrylic changed. I'm odd that way. I'd rather have a baby than get a blood test. Sometimes smaller thing bother me more. For instance, I put up with the excruciating pain of an ulcer and a bad gallbladder for a long time, and my doctor never understood how I withstood it for so long, but on the other hand, blood tests freak me out! The scariest thing for me about having a baby was getting the IV. Once it was done all three times, I was like, "whew, okay, the worst is over." I know, I know, I'm strange. Anyway, back to nails...

I have often thought especially in this tight economy and gas prices as they are (and my house payment and insurance going up) maybe I should just stop getting my nails done. However I'm trying to hang on as long as possible. Before I had them done, I did them myself every night for about 30 minutes before bedtime. Seriously. If they were going to look decent, that is what it took, no exaggeration. I do a lot of work with my, typing, playing the piano and each night no matter what I put on them, the polish would chip and my nails were very soft so they would often break or peel and they would also be uneven. I like them to always look especially nice as I am ministering to others, speaking, praying for people, holding someone's hand, etc., so I would spend a lot of time on them each night. This got very tiring, and I did it for years even when the kids were little.

The good thing about having my nails done is that in between I don't have to do one thing with them and they always look great! The bad thing about it is, I do have to spend money on it. On the other hand, it's the one thing I do for "me", aside from riding my bike. So, not sure what I will do in the future if the economy stays tight like this but one thing I will say, I will dread having to sit down for 30 minutes every night and do this, but I will if necessary. Oh well, on to other things...

Still cleaning in preparation for our week ahead and company coming in. I've been getting loads of sorting, scouring, laundry, gardening, etc. done for days now and Larry has been working hard too. I'm so grateful. Today he not only cleaned the carpet in Savanna's room, and went grocery shopping, but he made dinner tonight and surprised me. Again, he tried to recreate my favorite dish from Carrabbas. I mentioned a while back we haven't done Carrabbas in a really long time, (which is my favorite place) and so to do something special he tried to do the dish here at home. It was really good!

I rode my bike tonight and it was glorious. Jordan came and got me this afternoon from my scrubbing and said, "Momma, come outside...there's a cold front coming in!" (Well, as cold front as we get here in FL) Sure enough the temp had come down and it was a little breezy. Tonight I rode at sunset and it was awesome.

I am getting our clothes ready for church tomorrow and getting some more laundry folded up and then barring rain will go out to the patio to pray for a little while. My prayers for everyone reading is that you have an incredible Sunday filled with God's blessings...and His power flowing and changing lives in your services tomorrow.

Teeby is laying here next to me while I blog, listening to David Cassidy's "I Woke Up In Love This Morning". Makes me happy... will stay a few extra minutes before I get back up to do laundry.

p.s. Since I was at the nail place extra long today I was able to see a whole movie there (they show movies at my shop) and it was "Bonneville". I loved it!!! Have any of you seen it? Did you like it as much as I did? Gosh, what a good "friendship" movie for women...


DaNella Auten said…
lol I am alergic to pain... I hate it. funny
Love ya,

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