My sister is here!

My sister and her family just arrived from Baltimore to spend a little over a week with us! We are so excited and thrilled to have them here. We are going to have a Tampa "staycation" together. (Staycation for the Shrodes, and vacation for the Moraniec's) Actually Larry and I are taking a week's vacation from all things office related, emergencies and such (Pastor Trinity and Cathy will handle the office & emergencies) but for any Northsiders reading just know we will be there for all services , both Wednesday and Sunday. :-)

My sister decided to fly in late last night (well actually in the early morning hours...they got here after 1 am...) and go with me this morning to the Go Girl Conference in Jacksonville. I am speaking there, and will be taking my life coaching group and Kim accepted my invitation to come along. She's excited that she will also meet another fav blogger of hers, Michele from Northside as well as my assistant/friend Cathy. She already feels like she knows them through their blogs and reading mine.

We're traveling to Jacksonville today with the ladies and will be back late Saturday night, leaving the guys with the kids to do fun things like see the new Batman movie and whatever else fun they find to do.

I will post photos and highlights from the conference when I get back. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

Also, please know that my sister coming in has absolutely nothing to do with the prayer need I posted yesterday. In fact, she's one of the people holding me up right now. In one way I'm sorta down that her vacation week and mine has to fall during a time when I'm going through so much. On the other hand, I really need her more than I ever have. I told Larry yesterday, "why does it have to be NOW that Kim comes when I'm dealing with this?" He said, "baby, I think maybe it's the perfect time for Kim to come."

All that to say, the storm is not over. Please my blogging friends, when you pray...breathe my name...and my family's. Thank you. Also thanks to all of you who commented or e-mailed yesterday. You'll never realize how much your words and your concern mean.




LAURIE said…
What a breathe of sunshine to have your sister with you during such a time that you really need a shoulder! God already knew what you were in need of before you knew. Isn't He awesome that way? Nothing like a sister... one you can tell every thought and fear to. May God give you such a rich time together. -Laurie
I am praying for you. You are making an incredible difference in so many lives. God's anointing is all over your ministry.

Blessings and hugs!