Friends help us to feel God...
when He seems far away

This was on my little desk calendar for today:

"The God who created, names and numbers the stars in the heavens also numbers the hairs of my head...He pays attention to very big things and to very small ones. What matters to me matters to Him, and that changes my life." - Elisabeth Elliot

I know God cares - theologically I do know this to be fact, I have just not been feeling it too much lately. I have borrowed a bunch of faith from my friends.

Tonight I will be preaching at church and my topic is, "Created for Fusion", and it's going to be about why we in the body of Christ need one another so much. Part of what I'm going to share about is the fact that through other believers we sense and know God's love and care. Author Gary Burge says, "When God's love feels distant or non-existent, the body of Christ's love is real and tangible."

So in other words, even though we don't feel His love directly sometimes and He seems so far away, and our prayers seem to just bounce...through others, we feel His love. That's really huge to me right now.

I have been feeling like God is so far away right now (though again, theologically I know He's not...) however friends have reached out to me and through them, I feel the incredible lavish love of God.

Thank you friends, for helping me to feel and sense God...through you I feel His tangible presence.


Anonymous said…
You are truly loved...By God and by me!!!
Love Ya
Aaron said…
This message needs to be preached more than it has been. We real are responsible for our brother (or sister). When we drop the ball by letting them go off and do whatever instead of following God, we hinder there walk further. God gives us warnings before we do something stupid. We might ignore them and do it anyways but He wants us to not just walk away. Friends help each other because this is what Christians do. We are suppose to love one another by paying attention to one another and responding when they are not themselves.
Deanna, keep preaching the Word. What you give to others will return back to you. Be blessed and I'll say another prayer for you:-)