Ten things that never cease to amaze me

1) How beautiful a sunset is.

2) How many calories are in a simple grilled cheese. (Why God? Why can't spinach be calorie laden and grilled cheese be 2 points on WW?!)

3) People who talk about how a church should be pastored who have never done it. The world is full of armchair psychologists. (Would be nothing but laughable if it weren't so audacious.)

4) People who talk about how kids should be raised who have never had them. Or people who think they know it all about marriage who have never been married. (Again, refer to number 3.)

5) How good an iced tea is on a hot summer day.

6) How amazing pastor's wives are.

7) How much better I feel when I'm within my medically recommended weight range.

8) How quickly an e-mail from someone I love can lift my spirit and change my whole day.

9) How if I accidently drop a piece of buttered bread on the floor it always falls butter side down.

10) How worshipping God changes my whole frame of mind so quickly.