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Savanna's Graduation from Elementary School... (sniff, sniff...)

Today was a sad "last" for me. It was Savanna's last day of elementary school. I know it's also a time of "new beginnings" and change is good...yada yada yada. But the "baby" growing up is hard on a Mom, and this is my baby. In fact, I often still refer to her as "the baby". It's not unusual for my co-workers to hear me say something like, "gotta get home a little early today as the baby has a half day of school." Or, "Larry, was that the baby on the phone?" Nobody bothers to ask me anymore what I mean by "the baby." They all know...

Here she is walking out of the elementary school for the last time, to meet us at the end of graduation... my eyes misted up seeing her walk out.

They had serious awards today as well as some fun ones. Savanna was given one in her classroom for best sense of humor! She can be a downright silly girl sometimes. Where does she get that from?

Savanna and her friend and classmate Jenna, who is also Casey's (Dustin's girlfriend) cousin who lives in the same neighborhood we do. They were all smiles the whole tears for anyone in the class. They are excited to move up to middle school.
As for us parents... not so sure.

These "lasts" are hard for me, I will admit. I have been wanting for a while now to have another child. Most of my friends think I'm crazy. My life coaching class seem to be the only ones who think it's a fantastic idea! Larry and I can't have more biological children unless a miracle happened, but I would love to adopt. I even have one all picked out to adopt, believe it or not. But, my husband is totally against it so it's not gonna happen, but I have dreamed...

Lisa tells me not to worry, "that's what grandkids are for..."

I don't know. That won't be the same. But I'll trust her word on it.

I will still take up the call to raise up countless spiritual children that God has entrusted to me.

It's a privilege that I never lose sight of...


Cassandra said…
I hear ya! I went thru this a few weeks ago with my first born moving from elementary to middle school as well. I don't know who is more or her. Milestones....
Tara Sloan said…
About those miracles... um yeah, they do happen... ask my Isabella! (grin)
Well, in my case it would be a "double miracle" as Larry and I are both fixed. :-) SERIOUSLY.

Would you believe just a few months after he had his operation I had my annual physical and my doctor recommended I get a procedure done (not tubes tied) but another procedure that basically makes it difficult to near impossible to get pregnant? My procedure combined with his basically nixes us...

Unless......God does a miracle in which case, um, my hubby would definitely need counseling. :-)
DaNella Auten said…
I am totally with you. I would LOVE to have another child. The problem is I want 2... Well I have always dreamed of adopting identical twin girls from China...
But it would just totally have to be GOD.
I'm just teasing you... no pressure!!!!
No idea what you're talking about Craig, but thanks!
Unknown said…
Congratulations Savanna. I understand those "lasts" as well PD. My firstborn just finished preschool and I felt the same as you. I know we have to celebrate and enjoy every moment but you can't help but sigh when the "lasts" moments come.
Tara Sloan said…
I have been laughing uncontrollably for the last 20 minutes... my kids think I have lost me mind. That comment from Craig was actually from me... he had been logged onto my laptop and I didn't notice. I don't know why it tickled me so but it really did!!!!
Oh my, my it's cracking me up right now too. I have tears rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard.

I had NO IDEA why Craig all of a sudden came on the conversation and said that. I'm thinking, "okay, that's kind of a strange comment for him to just interject, brand new into this particular thread..."

It is perfectly understandable now. I'm sitting here laughing and Larry is looking at me like I'm losing my mind!!

Toooooooo funny!

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