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PJ Day Extraordinaire

The apostles then rendezvoused with Jesus and reported on all that they had done and taught. Jesus said, "Come off by yourselves; let's take a break and get a little rest." For there was constant coming and going. They didn't even have time to eat.

Mark 6:30-31 The Message

Well my friends, I have been seriously rendezvousing with Jesus and the peeps for the last few weeks. Not a "whole" day off in a long time. Snippets here and there, but always an event, or something happening where I had to have my game on. No time to just truly get a rest. Can I tell you how much I was looking forward to yesterday? Oh my, really I can't describe it. I was praying and hoping for no emergencies, and friends, we made it! (Thanks Susan, I know you were seriously praying with me. She even sent me a card saying, "lifting you up for no emergencies..." What a girl. Every pastor needs somebody like that, I'm tellin you.)

Well, just as Jesus told the disciples, I heard Him say to me, "come off by yourself and let's take a break and get a little rest." I believe Jesus was totally cool with me being in my PJ's, watching Lifetime yesterday and chilling. It's been so long since I've had a PJ day. I try to do it twice a year. This is when, on my day off, I don't even get out of bed except to go to the restroom or get something to eat. I lay down all day, read, watch movies, talk, snuggle with Teeb, sleep, but whatever I do it's done from my bed. Wonderful day. The kids have also gotten to the age where they are old enough to understand PJ day. And they roll with it.

My life has been a time of constant coming and going lately in ministry and keeping my home and family going. God was so gracious to give me rest yesterday. Of this I am eternally thankful!

Now, it's back to work. (I work most Saturdays at least 1/2 the day on church work and 1/2 the day on home work.) Lar and I are tag team preaching tomorrow. 3/4 of the message has been done but I've been having struggles finalizing the end, but today's the day to cap it off. I hate waiting til' Saturday to finish anything but some days you just don't have "it". Gotta have the "it factor", you know? Larry will do Men's Breakfast early this morning. Put the finishing touches on Father's Day. Get clothes ready for tomorrow. Clean the house. Make some calls.

It's back to work, but yesterday was so extraordinary. Thank you Jesus, for rest.


Sharon said…
I'm so glad you had a day off that was restful! You deserve it, and more frequently than what you've been alloted. Enjoy the weekend. :0) Let us know your dinner plans for Father's Day. (Just interested in what you're doing.) :0)
Hey Sharon,

Thanks for the well wishes you've sent my way as far as a day off...I know you and your hubby sure know what all that is about! As you live the life and even more strenuously than I do with your schooling and what not.

Well if it were up to me I'd make him a fantastic dinner here tomorrow and nix fighting the crowds. One thing I hate to do is wait in line at restaurants. It's one of my least fav things to do and we rarely do it on a Fri/Sat anymore because it's just insane most times. Sundays we still do at times in order to fellowship with others in the church who are going out, as we are very relationship oriented in spending time with our people. But honestly I can't think of many places I think are worth waiting in line an hour or more to eat. And that's what you get at most places. Savanna and I both get light headed when we haven't eaten in a while (no not just cause we're blondes, ha ha) and all that. But anyhoo...plans for tomorrow...

Not sure yet. On most holidays I cook a big meal and we have several other families joining us. Tomorrow Teeb wants to go out. He's having a hard time choosing where. He still doesn't know. So I have no idea where we're going but probably somewhere we are going to wait in line about 30 minutes to an hour for after church. So I'm going to take some crackers for Savannie Bannanie and I so we don't pass out while waiting for our seats and some R-E-L-I-E-F in the form of iced tea and bread. :-)

We will do whatever Larry wants to do tomorrow because it's his day and he deserves it. I'm not sure, we may not know til' we're pulling out of the parking lot tomorrow where we're headed for lunch!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow with you and yours. (If you're going out to eat, take a pack of crackers!) LOL

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