Hurt by a pair of panties!

Today's my day off and I started it by reading ABC news online. Imagine my amazement to find a woman in Los Angeles claims to have been seriously harmed by a pair of panties and she's suing! Lawsuits today amaze me. It would be nothing but laughable if it didn't cost us so much. I say "us" because you do realize when somebody wins one of these million dollar lawsuits, such as for spilling hot coffee on themselves at McDonalds - it's us, the consumers that get that cost passed on to us as prices get raised to cover the cost of their legal battles. Anyway...

The latest in a string (pardon the pun) of frivolous lawsuits is a woman who now claims she was injured by a thong at Victoria's Secret. No kidding. Read it here. And no, this isn't being reported by tabloids, you can read it in the NY Times, Fox News, ABC News, etc.

This lady claims she was trying on a thong and a little metallic decoration flew off and hit her in the eye. Okay, so maybe that's possible, but the disturbing thing, in my opinion that nobody is commenting on is...WHY WAS SHE TRYING ON A THONG?

This is so gross to me, it's unthinkable. No, not the issue of wearing thongs - I mean, I have no problem with that, but my point is, no one should be TRYING THEM ON. The last I checked, women aren't supposed to "try out" panties at the store. We know our size, we buy them, and hopefully they fit. I have never in my life tried on underwear before buying it, and don't plan to start. And, I certainly hope no one's trying mine on before I buy it! Yeeecck!

I am just totally amazed not just at this lady's lawsuit but the fact that nobody is asking, "why were you trying them on in the first place?" All the comments on the web about this focus on whether she was really hurt, the woman's size (evidently she's not in perfect shape, but who cares? Neither are the majority of women out there myself included), how the metal thingy could fling up and hit her from the angle the panties should have been when she tried them on...yada yada yada. Who gives a rip (again, pardon the pun! lol!), all I care about is, why were those panties being tried on?

For those who say, "what about a swimsuit?" -- usually they provide those protective coverings in the bathing suit bottoms, but I never trust those and always put something in there to try them on or most times I just leave my underwear on. I know that might be TMI for some, but I'm just sayin'...

WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THIS LADY DOING TRYING THIS ON AT THE STORE? MR. OR MS. PROSECUTOR, PLEASE ASK HER! And I'm sure I can get a bunch of friends to come testify on the stand that right thinking women do not try panties on before we buy them.

Somebody needs to testify on behalf of right thinking women because if not...the price of our panties at VS are about to go WAY UP! First gas prices, now panties. What's the world coming to?


Anonymous said…

Okay, I am SO only going to buy the kind in the packs at Target from now least I know that no one else has been trying them on...

Yeah. I think the store should counter-sue!
Deborah said…
Yucky, but I needed this after the post I have just written. I am laughing because I read with pictures in my mind...LOL Deanna where do you get all this, its so funny. guess its blinded by desire... lol really enjoyed this. Have a great weekend will catch up on monday. love always me
DaNella Auten said…
Wow. I don't know many women in their 50's who wear a thong... But then I don't make a habit of takng underware surveys...




I don't take official surveys either, but we have had some girl to girl talks about at our women's retreats and stuff, and I think you might be surprised how many women of all ages do wear them!

One night I did a stand up comedy act for the women of my church on a retreat (they had asked me to in response to some messages I had preached that they thought contained some great humor and said, 'you should put all this together in an act...') well, I did for our ladies retreat and at the time my hair was still brunette...I called night, "illegal brunette" (as opposed to legally blonde) and branded it, as "having so much fun, we should be arrested, with the wildest pastor's wife on the planet, on the loose..." ha ha! part of my "comedy act" at this women's retreat I did a little spoof about thongs and was surprised when a lot of women in the audience clapped wildly that they love wearing them and find them comfy.

Please keep in mind, this was ALL WOMEN at this retreat. :-)

Up til the time of that retreat I do have to tell you I had never worn such, and my comedy act was about the fact that I thought the comfort would be less than the best...well, imagine my shock the next week when several ladies bought me some new undies as a gift that they just swore by the
comfort factor as being the most amazing ever. I do have to say, it gave me something to think about and some new options. LOL
Anonymous said…
Hey Deanna,
Yesterday I took off from work and was watching the Today Show Noon program. One of the host are Kathy Lee Gifford, previously from Regis. She mentioned this story about the lady and her underwear.

Kathy said, why did she buy underwear when looking at her, it was apparent she needed a really good bra! Don't know if anyone caught that, but thought I'd pass it on!