Ever wondered why

God asked you to do something when it doesn't turn out favorably?

Why would God ask you to invest yourself in something or someone that didn't have a huge ROI??

Take for example, why would God ask you to mentor when the results lack despite your efforts poured into a person's life?

The answer is found in one simple word: obedience.

One thing I am learning is that what I do or do not do is not based whatsoever on outcome but upon obedience to God's call.

We've got to hear His voice in our ear and follow it unquestionably even when the outcome is less than stellar.

Why do we do things? Simply because He's asked us to. And that needs to be enough.


Anonymous said…
Thanks I definitely needed that today :o). I'll probably blog more in detail, lol!!!!
Unknown said…
Thank you for this post today!

sparkled*life said…
When you are in the ministry this is one of the hardest thing to learn. It is so hard to keep helping people when sometimes you don't see a result. This is where I say that God's word will not return void. Sometimes we won't see that harvest, but we are the one that planted that first seed and that is something to be excited about!