Friday, June 13, 2008

Does this woman look dangerous to you?

Look at this lady. She looks so normal.

I've seen hundreds like her as I've been shopping at Walmart, or walking in my neighborhood.

If I was standing in a checkout line with her she looks like somebody I'd strike up a conversation with.

She looks like many that I've thrown my arms around and hugged in our "hospitality room" at church.

Her look portrays that of thousands of women I've met at women's teas, luncheons and outreaches.

She's got the look of women I've pastored.

The look of women I sit in the nail or hair shop next to.

She looks so ordinary.

But she's not just an ordinary woman. She's not known for being an uncommon or extraordinary woman who is serving on the missionfield or helping people in some way. This is no Sunday School teacher.

This lady is Betty Neumar, and she is a murderer. Not just one time...but more than likely...five times.

No kidding.

This morning (P.J. day!) Larry and I were watching the news and eating breakfast. We saw this on Fox News and I just had to go look it up on my computer. Larry said, "Deanna, you need to blog this, it's unbelievable!" They showed her picture on TV and commented about how she just looks like a sweet older lady, and then relayed the news that she hired a hit man for the murder of her current husband. But wait, that's not all...she has four previous husbands who have all died under suspicious circumstances, now assumed to be murder! Yep, Betty Neumar is the "Woman At the Well", gone postal.

This will definitely be a future Lifetime movie. I feel sorry for Betty's former husbands and their families. But one thing is for sure, a lot of women like me are going to be watching the movie when it comes out and find it fascinating entertainment. Yep, I hate to admit it at times, but this is some of the stuff that fascinates me on Lifetime TV. My assistant, Cathy, loves it too. No, she doesn't love murder, of course! (LOL) She's like me in that she enjoys solving mysteries and true crime stories and stuff like that. We share a love of Forensic Files, Today's Detectives, and Lifetime TV. Now that I think of it, I don't know why Cathy and I haven't had a PJ day! Hey Cath, I know you are reading this right now so let's plan it sometime. I personally think Lisa should join us for our own "Lifetime Movie Marathon".

Well this whole Neumar story proves as the old saying goes, you cannot judge a book by it's cover.

I have especially learned this in being in the ministry as well. Everything, whether a sunset, a song or a Fox News story relates to my faith, and ministry to me. So as soon as I saw the Neumar story, I thought of various situations I've faced in ministry where something wasn't as it appeared. The discernment of the Holy Ghost is so important. Amen, pastors? pastor's wives? pastor's assistants? (tee hee!)

Also a question for those of you who like Lifetime TV...if there is anybody else out there who likes it like I do...what's your favorite movie? I'll share mine after a few of you dare to post.


DaNella Auten said...

Hey, you don't have to publish this, it is mainly for your info, We have been intirim pastors at a small church here in Al, and they are supposed to vote on us next sunday, the one after fathers day.
Keep us in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Lifetime movies!

Without a doubt, "Death of a Cheerleader," made in 1994 starting Tori Spelling and Kelli Martin. My college roommates and I watched that show the first night it aired, and it provided a year's worth of "Life Goes On" and "90210" jokes for our quad.

Other favorites...

*Fifteen and Pregnant
*The Lottery (totally NOT your typical "warm and fuzzy" Lifetime movie!)
*North Country (it's not a Lifetime original, but they've shown it a few times - it was filmed in my hometown!)

...and in the "Lifetime movie that changed my life" category...

"Human Trafficking," the 4-hour miniseries starring Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland.

Totally eye-opening that this is happening right here in our country - probably in my own community! Dang it, Lifetime is not supposed to disturb me that much...

Deanna Shrodes said...

Danella, I didn't "have to" but wanted to put the comment through because we all support you and are praying for you and I thought it would be good for those who read to know. We are excited for you!! You deserve loads of happiness and I am trusting you will be voted in with flying colors and that this church will appreciate what they have. Sounds like you've found a winner from what you've shared so far... Love you and I'm praying. Will check your blog on Sunday to see the outcome, or please do an email to everyone you have addresses for to let us know (bulk email). I'm sure on "election day" you will have much more to do than blog or email but just a quick something will let us know the good news! (And I do believe it will be good!

Love you!!!

(Pastor L, my lifetime comments will follow...)

Toots said...

I would love to do a PJ day and try to solve as many crimes as possible ;)and yes I think we should invite Lisa too, sounds like alot of fun...just let me know when!!!

Lady Melissa said...

I'm with Pastor Lisa,one of my favorites is "Death of a Cheerleader". I try and catch it every time it airs.

Soap Operas (dont watch them anymore)but they have nothing on LIFE TIME, I'm totally hooked.

I would have never guessed the lady was a murderer, she indeed looks to be a sweet lil ole lady. Now I'll be looking over my shoulder and watching my back - lol

Deanna Shrodes said...

My two all time favorite Lifetime movies are:

The Other Side of Love starring Cheryl Ladd

It's about a mother who is wrongly accused and goes to jail and has to leave her kids and what she goes through. Total tearjerker, but great ending.

Bella Mafia - my second fav, but this one takes a LONG time to watch - it's at least 3 hours long maybe more. I watched it when I had my gallbladder operation and had to lay on the couch for days. Larry says, "how long is that movie?!" It stars are Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha Kinski.

Bella Mafia has ironic twists and turns that surprise you, and it shows the power of strong Italian women who stick together.