Did I just say that?

I read a great post by Pastor Gary Lamb, about people hearing what they want to hear. This is so good, all of you who are in ministry HAVE to read it. Seriously. I am telling you, those of you who pastor a church are going to want to wave hankies when you read this, so just get one in your hand and get prepared.

I experience this too all the time, whether at my church or ministering elsewhere. And I think for us Pentecostals, it occurs even more, though I'm not going to give up on being Pentecostal over it or anything...lol.

It happens all the time to Lar and I. What about the rest of you in ministry...do you have a lot of moments where you wonder how in the world people got what they did out of what you just said?


Melissa Davis said…
Hahaha! That was funny but all too true. Patrick and I can definately relate to that. It is totally amazing as you said, how people get what they do out of what's said.

For instance, my husband was speaking on faith and he said that if you ask God for a Candy Apple Red Corvette, you must have enough faith to believe He'll give you just that.

Well, a couple at the church heard something very different - they told us that we were very materialistic and that we shouldnt be asking the church to buy us a Candy Apple Red Corvette and they were not going to be a part of it - duh!!!

It was a great read, thanks.
Oh my, yes - I understand. I have my own collection of stories on this and have heard so many just like it from other ministers.

One time I was preaching and said that in all my years of ministry I have rarely if ever heard a complaint from a new convert. I said, "new converts are so full of Jesus - they are so excited - so on fire - so happy - they just don't complain."

Next thing I know, a lady is passing around the church, "Pastor Deanna doesn't like old people. She said it right from the pulpit!"

WHAT??!! First I never said I liked/didn't like anyone. It was never about that. Second, "new convert" doesn't mean young. Just because someone is accepting Christ as Savior doesn't mean they are necessarily young in age, just young in the Lord.

As you might guess the person saying that was an older person in the church who had issue with me and was just looking for anything to bash me with and that was her latest thing she perceived as an opportunity. *sigh*

There are so many of these incidences I could share...it's pathetic how many times people turn things around to suit their own purposes. Many people have too much time on their hands...

as I often say, "those who are busy rowing the boat have no time to rock it." :-)