Tune in to watch my husband...

as he hosts America's Prayer Meeting again tomorrow on the Christian Television Network (CTN). If you get Direct TV you can see this anywhere in the USA. You can also see it if you have SkyAngel, or in Tampa, tune in to channel 22. If you don't have any of those things and you want to see it, simply go to the CTN website and watch it live. Once you get there, click the link to the bottom right that says "live web cast". On the east coast the show airs from 12 am til 3 am. Out on the west coast they will get it from 9 pm - 12 am. He will host the show on Friday night, which technically here on the east coast will be Saturday morning from midnight to 3 am.

While on the show he...takes prayer requests live, prays for people, sprinkles in a little pastoral counsel now and then, and does little devotionals and stuff.

In addition to tuning in for prayer you will also see this hunk hunka burnin' love that I'm married to. :-) LOL